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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

74- Two Nightmares

In a discussion I was asked, "What is the first event you remember from childhood?" I replied this: When I was three years old I left my mother and went out of the room. She didn't take notice and I walked the long corridor to go to the street. We were living in the ground floor. At the outer door I saw the basket of wastes and took something from it thinking it can be eaten. As soon as I put it in my mouth I cried. It seemed that my mouth became filled with needles and bolts. My mother heard my weeping and came quickly to see what happened.
She understood that I ate uncooked piece of Golgotha which is a fruit in Egypt known in English by Taro. Golgotha is its Arabic name as pronounced by the accent of Upper Egypt.  But in north Egypt it is pronounced as Kolkotha. So this cruel event was to remind by the event of crucifying Jesus at Golgotha. My mother took me inside the room quickly and made me a glass of water with sugar to drink.  Soon the needles and bolts vanished from my mouth and I stopped weeping. She didn't forget to say, "This is a lesson for you; don't you ever eat from the wastes." It became a complex in my whole life so that I insisted not to eat the Taro even if it was cooked. Later on in old age I could get rid of that complex. Cocked Taro is delicious.
Still there are two strange events. Also when I was three years old I heard my aunt while she was speaking with my mother and others with us in the house. She was in great tension and fear that her little child disappeared. They searched for him in vain and reported it to the police. When they returned from the police station they heard the weeping of the child coming from under the sofa.
Later I read in the gospel about the event of the missing of Jesus in his childhood.  In that reaction I seemed as a watcher unlike the above event. In the same house, this was owned by Abu Solomon, when I was about three of age, while I was playing in the street a son for Abu Solomon, older than me, pushed me before a coming motorcycle. The rider could hardly avoid tramping over me. I wept and my mother complained to Abu Solomon. The man was very angry and hit his son and blamed him for that evil deed.  
The second strange event is this: When I was ten years old my father bought a small house and paid part of the price on written condition that he should pay the rest next month lest he should loose the house and the money he had paid. The time of paying approached and my father became in great tension so that he lost his ability to speak. The doctor said, "It is a psychic case.", and gave him a medication. He continued on that case about a week. Later I read in the gospel and Quran that Zachariah the father of John suffered the loss of his voice for three days. In that event I played the role of a watcher too.  
When I was about eighteen years old I suffered the acne; one night I slept very annoyed and got a nightmare. I saw myself lying on a long bench and several doctors standing around me. The chief of the doctors cut my head and carried it on his big hand which appeared like a dish; and handled it to another doctor. I didn't feel any pain; it seemed as if he cut a piece of cheese. Soon I saw the chief carrying another head and putting it on my neck. Then he ordered me to get up to see my face on a mirror. When I saw that my own face changed to another person, although pure without acne, I felt very annoyed and soon I awoke.
Later on, I knew that it was a dream to remind with the cutting of the head of John the Baptist. It deserves to mention that in Islam we don't learn about it. After several years, I watched a film titled by "Face Off", and I wondered that this film was based on the idea of my early dream. It contained my same feelings when I saw I was with the face of another person.

It was not the first nightmare in which I saw a head separated from its body. When I was about twenty seven, it was after marriage, I saw the head of the cousin of my father that was killed long ago, flying under water while I was in the sea under water with him. The distance was very short and it terrified me. I cried and got up. This nightmare was classified under the ancient story of Saul in the Bible, that this relative performed brief touches from his story and his life ended by being killed.