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Sunday, June 28, 2015

73- The Ball of Gergesenes

I noticed that I was given in my childhood, answers to some problems as it was destined that I would meet these problems. For example, when I read the Revelation to John I got sick of describing me by sheep. Yes that sheep seemed different as it had seven eyes and seven spirits; and he was destined to fight the kings and conquer them. In the beginning I took it as funny description and laughed.  But later it annoyed me. In my society it is great insult to describe a man by sheep. So in every time I passed with that description I felt annoyed.
I joined some Christian groups on Face Book and tried to convince them that Jesus can't be a sheep. But they refused my remark and refused the correction I suggested for the Revelation to John. I told them it can be corrected by putting the word Shepherd instead of sheep. But they refused my correction and reminded me with what John the Baptist had said when he saw Jesus. "This is the lamb of God that will raise the sins of the world."  I told them, there is symbolic meaning in that saying and it is very different from the picture. But they insisted not to agree with me.

All that suffering was sketched in my boyhood. Once, while being a student in the primary school, I gathered with two friends of my area at the house of one of them, to study together. The light of the room was not high and I slept. When I awoke I found out that my friends put spots and lines of colors on my face. I felt angry and blamed them for their foolish deeds. They laughed and laughed and I took it easy in the end. It means that my disciples couldn't avoid expressing some foolish ideas because they didn't understand the subject clearly and the parable of the plant and the thorn is applied to their sayings.  
In my childhood the Spirit tried to remind me with the terrible sheep. Once I was playing alone in the wide area in front of my house and from no where a fearful sheep emerged before me and stood on his rear legs ready to hit me by his long and thick horns. As I was not near to my house I ran in the other direction. But the sheep ran after me. Every time I looked behind me I saw him still after me. I reached the next area and entered the house of one of my relatives with lost breath.
The lady of the house took me in her bosom and tried to calm me. She was surprised asking what happened. I was unable to speak; but I glimpsed the sheep at the outer door hesitating to enter and finally he went away. When I came down and told the lady about the terrible sheep she smiled and asked a denying question, "Do you fear a sheep?" I thought to myself, "She didn't see his huge volume and how he was taller than me when he stood on his legs."
The Spirit also brought an event from the life of Jesus in my childhood. Once I went to the adjacent area and a friend called Gerges from my primary school met me there and gifted me a big amount of strings to use it for making ball.  I returned to my area happy and my friends there asked me where from I got it. One of them, on hearing the Christian name Gerges, mocked me severely and wanted me to return the strings to him. I refused and went home. But next days he continued to mention the mocking so that I quarreled with him several times for it.
Later, after my transform, I wondered to see an event for Jesus in the Arabic Bible in a place called The Ball of Gergesenes.  It was about the mad man who was haunted by a group of devils and Jesus sent them to the pigs that were drowned. In the English Bible that place was called the territory of Gadara and there is no mention to the Ball of Gergesenes. However I searched for it lately on Google and found it as the country of Gergesenes. It was a cruel method used by the Holy Spirit to engrave the incident in the memory. It was also an insult to tell a person, you are son of woman. I read in the Quran and Hadith the name of Jesus as "Esa son of Mary" It annoyed me and I tried in my writing to correct it to be Esa the Messiah. I knew that the Holy Spirit had to avoid saying Esa Son of God to be in compromise with the whole subject of the Quran.
In preparing a flat for my marriage I went with my fiancee to the market to buy some chandeliers. We admired two chandeliers and we bought them. One of them is a tray, on its circumference there are seven angels blowing seven trumpets, and standing on equal distances. They seem like moving in succession that their faces are in the same direction. And it contains three lamps. The glassy disc contains a quadratic star inside a shape of eight triangular heads. Sure it was to remind with the seven angels mentioned in the Revelation to John before knowing it by the consciousness. And it was to remind with number eight which is mentioned in the Quran about the eight who carry the throne of God.   
The second chandelier contains a big Crystal hanging from it. It was to remind with Christ that the word Crystal sounds like Christ. Now I remember another incident that happened in my childhood about a Crystal. In the preparatory school, once I entered the library and read a book about how to make the Crystal Radio. After a few months I could get the necessary tools to do it. After many trials by changing the Crystal I succeeded in hearing a voice from it. It deserves to mention that I didn't know the name Christ except after going to the English Institute. In Arabic we know it as the Messiah Esa not Jesus Christ. It is clear that the Spirit knows all names but He likes to approach the facts in different ways using the things around us.