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Friday, June 19, 2015

72- In The Focus of Creating

I always made revisions to what I had of information. I narrated before the reactions which brought the memory of Yahweh with Moses in my childhood. The transformation of the stick to a snake became the transformation of the stick to a gun etc. Now I recalled an incident from the preparatory school that can be added to that time. While we were in the break a student called (My Proud) approached and asked me to show my hands. After seeing my palms he said,
"They are reddish; this means you have anemia." Other students with us didn't agree and said,
"But it means excess in blood." He insisted and said,
"My father is a doctor; you should eat well to recover."  Just after he said that he showed us his two palms. We saw the very white color of his two palms. There was no red in them, but they matched the color of his snowy face. Of course this incident was to remind by the event when Yahweh ordered Moses to put his hands inside his bosom then get it out; and it came out of his bosom very white.
Also in the story of Adam I recalled some incidents that can be added to the reactions. In the preparatory school, I had a friend called (Father of all). So when I meditated how my new transform started as brief touches from the story of Jesus I became sure that this friend had been prepared by the Spirit to remember Adam the father of all. The matter seemed as if the Spirit had been trying early to remind me with the story of Adam.
This friend was living in the far part of The Street of the bridge of law in Bacos. We knew each other from the primary school before being together in the preparatory school. I visited him home several times and he introduced me to his elder brother. He also introduced to me a friend called Al Kalashany living in the house lying in front of his house.  When I meditated in the meaning of that rare name I found it sound like a brief of a few Arabic words put together as (All is for me). Later I understood that the word (All) points to the created and invented things upon the earth.
It means that Adam was in the focus of the mind of the Creator before creating all things. When The Creator willed to embody Adam on Earth the power of His will moved in different directions and created all the things and living beings before the getting of Adam as a human being.
I recalled also that once the presidents and kings of the countries around Egypt were of weird names; president of Syria was Assad (Lion), president of Saudi Arabia was Fahd (Cheetah) and president of Sudan was Nemery (Tiger). That was in the time of President Mubarak (Blessed). When we read the Revelation to John we see what he saw in heaven; we see his description of God while he was sitting on his throne surrounded by animals. So it seemed that those presidents were given as something to embody part of the Revelation to deduce that the meaning of the heaven is a futuristic place.   
I wondered why my autobiography was full of the holy stories of the bible. The matter seemed as if the bible was the scenario which God used to make me and my surrounding people perform with a new viewpoint. The stories were developed in the acting without exact similarity. It was like the many stories which were made as films but were not in exact similarity of the written papers.
We were taught in Islam that the miracle which God gave Mohammad is the style of the text of the Quran.  Its style surpassed the poetries which were the brightest activities of the people of his time. We were taught that God gives his missionaries miracles in compromise with the brightest activities of the people but surpasses them. Moses was given miracles in compromise with magic because magic was the brightest activities of the Egyptian of his time, but he surpassed them. Jesus was given miracles in compromise with healing because healing was the brightest activity of the people of his time, but he surpassed them.
My subject seemed the same. The brightest activity this age is in compromise with performing in the cinema, but my performing in the real life as led by the hidden hand of God surpassed all directors. Can any director lead his actor to sink in the sea and save him without interference? It happened with me to imitate the story of Jonah as mentioned before. The unseen director is clear in all stories. When He wanted to remind me with the story of Job He made a boy with us get the symptoms of Job's illness. The doctors couldn't heal him for several years. But He healed him in the end without doctors.