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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

71- I Won Golden Dish

I was still in the English Institute in the Christmas of 1982. The teachers prepared for the celebration and chose me among others to perform a little story, in front of a young woman, without papers, in the program of the party and I did it very well. They sang for Jesus Christ a lovely song, "Jesus Christ is here…"  I liked it and I was about to weep and I wished I could shout, "Yes he is really here this time!"  The teacher of my section was a beautiful lady called Sharon. Her voice was very lovely to my ears in this song.
Part of the program was titled by the parcel. A teacher came in front of all students and said, "This parcel contains a present and it will rotate among you with the music such that the one who has the parcel should handle it to his neighbor continually.  When the music stops the one whom the parcel becomes in his hand should uncover the parcel. It is wrapped in many covers and he should reveal one cover only. The one who will get it with the last cover will win the present."
Some students asked, "What is this present?" The teacher replied, "It is a surprise. Let's start now." Soon the music started and the parcel (scroll) moved from a hand to another and stopped several times with the stopping of the music. It seemed that the covers of the parcel were without end. The final stop came when it was in my hands. When I revealed the last cover I found a lovely golden dish. The teacher smiled and asked all to congratulate me and give me big hand.
My thoughts tried to find out the meaning of that symbolic event. The golden dish seemed to be the disc of the sun which represents the success and fame. So I was advancing in my subject believing that one day I would be known to all nations. Through doubt and faith I proceeded, so that every time I thought of the incredibility to be Jesus I received some information to confirm me.  
Next day at home, I wrote about the party two pages and I showed them to a teacher from another section. He said, "This is better than the real party." The teacher Sharon took the papers from me promising to read them at home. She wondered that I was the only one who made it without instructions.

When I read the book of Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion and the book of Masonry I believed that Jews have been working for me. I found out many ideas that were coming with my own ideas which I had concluded before. The writer of the Protocols speaks about the international ruler of the world. It matches the idea in Christianity that they pray for the coming of the kingdom of heaven which means the wish of making that kingdom on earth with the return of Christ. But the writer as a Jewish, not approving Jesus, didn't speak of Jesus, but he speaks of a Messiah independent from Jesus. So the Protocols seemed as an extension to the bible without considering the New Testament. It means that three religions are awaiting the same Christ.
The root of the idea of the kingdom of heaven came from the promise to Abraham and his people to own a nation from River Nile to River Euphrates by the power of faith in God.  When Jesus came and studied why the promised nation had not come yet, he understood the reasons and tried to amend the way. The reasons of the failure are briefly: the lack of Faith and the bad relation between the people and their God due to His sharp instructions, which made the Jews unworthy of the grace of the kingdom. The bible as a god couldn't help in making them realize the kingdom of Abraham. So Jesus, in wanting to amend the situation, gave new instructions full of forgiveness and mercy; and showed the power of perfect faith which can't fail in fulfilling any wish. Briefly he sacrificed the sharp instructions for the sake of success in attaining the promised nation. And he widened the promise to be a general kingdom all over the earth including all nations.
So when the writer of the Protocols mentioned the expression Ruler of The World he seemed knowing the final task of Jesus Christ. But for the national tradition he didn't mention it clearly. And many learned Christians deduced that the man who would unite all nations and rule them would be different from Jesus Christ. Some of them thought that Jesus will come from heaven at the end to fight that one who came from the earth. Some others stopped at the idea that the heavenly kingdom is a spiritual kingdom behind heaven and earth.
A very awful event happened. Sharon the minister of defense in Israel attacked the camps of the Palestinians in Sabra and Shatila and assassinated many. All the world news showed it. The coincidence that my teacher was Lady Sharon and the minister was Sharon made my mind rotate searching for the meaning. I found a prophecy in the Old Testament, I don't remember now, about some one called Bu Sharon.

I felt my dangerous situation in Egypt as a country against Israel. The peace treaty of 1978 between Egypt and Israel which was made in Camp David, among the presidents of the two systems, didn't reach to the lower levels. Many loved the treaty not for the love of the enemy but for the desire to get rid of the wars which coasted the country a lot and weakened the economy. It was very difficult to tell them that the return of Israel was in connection with the return of Jesus as a holy subject that happened to make some prophecies come true. "You won't complete the cities of Israel until the Son of Man comes," said Jesus.  This prophecy came true as I explained before that the new birth of Israel happened in May 15, 1948 and I got my birth in June 10, 1948. The word (until) was realized in a difference of less than one month.  I always thought that Israel was given by God as a political sign to confirm me, but who can listen to that from me without suspensions although I have never known any Jew or Mason or Zion. I was just like the actor Al Mohandas with his invention of transforming the cotton to cloth by a machine.