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Thursday, August 20, 2015

77- Spiritualizing The Lust

Let's explain something in this age which I call spiritualizing the instincts and lust. The slogan of the snake which is drawn as a circle that his head is biting his tail has a deep meaning. It represents the situation of people in every age. Every new movement made by God starts and increases gathering a remarkable number of people leaving behind the people who refuse it. With time passing the wheel of Justice makes the people who started the movement reincarnate in leading situation. Then the people who were left behind reincarnate to follow what they refused before and become the tail of the historical movements. The people who represent the head come to a new way of living different from their old living. The reincarnated spirits don't like to repeat the same old living. That often creates disagreement and fight between them.
Quran expressed this case in the verse, "You denied it so you will be committed to it."  So the people who started Christianity as the head returned to ignore it either by being in another religion or by getting a leading position in it as a wage. The same is applied to Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism etc. In this age the rule seemed very dangerous because of the increase of the number of people and the sharp difference between the activities of the head and tail. The instructions which the tail carries from the past are hated from the head that likes to go with new instructions which collides with the old instructions. It is clear that the old life is enemy to the new life. The saint who reincarnates as a king forgetting his past totally hates to live as a saint again. The king and saint are different totally in the nature of their life.  
As the new life became working according to the promises given in the holy books it seems natural to its people. The TV which came from the promise that all eyes will see Jesus Christ in his return became an essential thing in the life of people. In the beginning when this TV appeared the leaders of religions attacked it and advised people to ignore it thinking it comes from the Devil to make the believers spend their time far from the prayers and the religious studies. The truth is that the TV came as a solution from the Holy Spirit to solve difficult puzzles in the Holy Books. These puzzles lie in many verses and prophecies as wishes from the believers to be realized by God.
Let's see what the TV realized from these prophecies. It made most people sit at it long hours; it was the necessary tool to await the return of Jesus on the screen which looks like the sky. The puzzle of the promised meeting with Jesus on air, as Paul prophesied is to be done on the screen of TV. Notice that in the beginning of inventing the Radio and TV they described the live programs by the meeting on air. 
The verses which tell about the news of the wars and disasters find their realization on the TV, that's why we have lots of space channels which deal with the news of the world. They are to embody the promise of the coming of Jesus like the lightening flash which fills the whole world. All the people whose works are connected to the TV came from the ancient people who believed in God and his promises.
The promise to the faithful and sincere people to live forever in eternal world came true by seeing the famous people after their death on the TV as if they didn't die. And you can see them any time on the TV screen. They conquered death like their master. Also, my explaining to the reincarnation from my own mission helps in showing that every soul lives eternally. The past life controls the present life which controls the future life. 
When you see the destruction caused by an Earthquake you see it in detail on the screen of TV. It embodies the prophecies told in the holy books about the End of Time which is not the end of the material world but the end of a holy project.     
The people who work on films and serials create new situations for living as if they embody the promises of the way of living in Paradise and Hell. Many live with the instruction of the city of cinema. They don't consider the old holy laws. They dance, drink, kiss and appear naked without feeling any shame, and hate who tries to impose the religious instruction on them. They represent a cast different from the public people.

They perform and sing for love and dance as a way to spiritualize the instincts and lusts. They don't consider the old morals planted in childhood. They celebrate the marriage by singing and dancing of semi naked women as a trial to enable the new couple forget the shame planted in childhood. The people who were destined to live in paradise due to their good past lives were given the free life and they consider the art and sport as a way for spiritual progress. They prefer to listen to music and see a film or museum rather than to do the religious rituals.  In hell the simple sins can cause lots of troubles.