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Saturday, August 29, 2015

79- Jesus Created Islam

After I read all the books of the bible and picked out all points which had resemblance in my own autobiography I asked, "Where did the other events, which have no resemblance in the bible, come from? One day it dawned on my mind and I could find some events that could be related with the start of Islam. I narrated before how I knew that Jesus had played the role of Gabriel to Mohammed and dictated the Quran to him. Now I am going to show more.
I had a friend, in my childhood, living in a house facing my house, called Gameel. Several times his parents showed conflict with my parents and once I quarreled with him. Jameel's father was a worker in the factory of copper. One day he told me that he worked among big ovens for melting copper and was liable to suffer the high heat everyday.
While watching a film about Islam I noticed that there was a woman called Aum Gameel (Jameel's mother) and she was the wife of Abu Lahab the uncle of Mohammed that was against Islam. The name Lahab, in Arabic, means strong fire. Abu Lahab was very active in fighting Mohamed and his followers. Quran mentions his name in a Surah warning him to suffer much in the hell in the day of resurrection.
When I was a little boy I made a dart for throwing small stones. One day I put a grain of rice and shot it against a boy in the area. For my astonishment the boy cried loudly as if I shot him with a big stone. Not before I entered the secondary school I could understand why the small grain of rice gained strong effect. The velocity gave the little mass kinetic energy which made it stronger than reality.
The grandmother of that boy looked like a woman I saw, in the book of history, from the countries of Pont (Ethiopia). The boy was famous among other boys by the name Pont. I could find that this event resembled the historical event known to Muslims as the year of the Elephant, in which a king from Ethiopia, led his army to destroy Alkabath of Mica, but God made birds from sky throw them with stones and defeated them.
There is a Surah in Quran about that event by the title, The Elephant because they accompanied an elephant with them to help in destroying the holy cube (Alkabaht). This historical event happened in the same year in which Mohammed was born. It meant that God prepared that event to approve Mohamed and the holy cube.  Mica became the New Jerusalem as told in the Revelation to John.
While I was in the M.T. College I attended a meeting with Badr the commander of the company and its cadets. The fellow cadets complained of me to the commander. For my astonishment he replied to them, "Don't complain from Abdelwahab, he is the best man in your push. Badr reminds Muslims with the first war between Muslims and the infidels of Mica. Muslims were little in number but they could get over the infidels who were in large number. There is a Surah in Quran about the role of God in that war of Badr.
In the beginning of joining the M.T. College, in the period of new cadets, I was liable several times to be punished by the older cadets, by ordering me to rotate many times, around the tall shaft of flag in the ground of the battalion at noon. Later I could understand that the event was to remind with the holy ritual of rotating around the Holy Cube in Mica.

All those events proved to me that Jesus, who was raised to heaven, was living among Muslims, under the veil, in the first period of Islam, and he was behind the creating of Islam as a branch from Christianity with another name. I noticed that Jesus Christ never said he was angel Gabriel, but always the people whom he appeared to them gave him the names they thought and he didn't object. It is like when many people liked to call me by Mohamed and I didn't correct them.