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Monday, June 6, 2011

4-Central events(3)

Thursday went all right and I intended to return to my work in the college instead of going to the Fig Hospital as requested by the doctor. But on Friday I started to have increasing pain in my right jaw. The pain became unbearable at dawn. In the morning I got a taxi to reach the hospital quickly. The doctor of the Clinic refused to receive me because I didn't have the official form from my unit. I told him about the transform but he insisted to refuse because of the instructions. At last I got upstairs to go to the General. He listened to me carefully, then said,"Don't worry; I will write you a form to be seen in three Clinics. I thanked and saluted him and left. The dentist said," You should take off the wisdom tooth after the recover of the gum. I will write you an antibiotic. And come at the End of the Week to take it off." 
   The doctor of ears said,"Your ears are good. The pain comes from the nerve of the tooth"   The doctor of the Nerve Department said,"We have received your file from Jonah Hospital. What happened?"  The pain pressed on my brain and I told him about the soldier and my book. He wrote in my file Paranoid, and said,"You should stay here with us under therapy."  I said,"All right."  Then I went home to get my stuff. At home I left a paper to my wife with the instruction, I don't want visitors; don't worry. 
   In this hospital I was to stay alone in a clean room and I was to take several kinds of pills daily. In two days the pain vanished completely. My tendency to speak with others vanished too. I entered a great state of relaxation. The feeling which annoyed me and was new to me was that whenever I saw two or more speaking together in the corridor the thought came to me that they were sinners and evil. I had never thought like this before. The notion,"I am Christ" repeated attacking me many times. I was afraid to submit lest I become mad. Later I tried to find a suitable reason for it.
   I became ready to believe in spirits but I wanted a proof through the communication. So I directed a question toward the space of the room and closed my eyes to concentrate on receiving an answer. The question which I thought was very difficult was this: If the Spirit of Christ is here please answer me: Why did God create the world ;what is its benefit to Him? I kept silent expecting to get the answer. I received something started with, "No".  Later I understood that the answer could become perfect if that," No", was removed as this:"One in the history knew the answer of that question"  I knew that the German philosopher Hegel had been inspired the answer: As God is the Creator He is to practice creating. If He didn't create He wouldn't be called Creator.
   In that direction I didn't come to rest because of No. In another session I thought of the Total Mind of the society considering it the sum total of all brains in the society. I thought it contained the idea of the return of Christ and it influenced me by unseen power. I thought," May be he chose me for my book; maybe he wanted to reform among people by freeing them from their religions, as old thought." I thought maybe this was the same phenomenon which occurred to the ancient prophets. In another direction I thought of the known saying,"When a society suffers a crisis the people prophesies of the change then in the due time the hero comes for the change." All that rotated in my brain to explain the meaning of that notion to my self.
   In the last day of the week, I got up from sleeping deciding to accept my self as the notion required. At once I felt great joy inside and I felt as if I was going to fly over the bed. I went to the doctor and said,"I am now in good health; please release me."  He said,"Okay" and signed a paper before him. I thanked him and left. I passed by the dentist and took off the wisdom tooth. I went home and decided to add my experience about what happened believing in the idea of the Total Mind.
   In a few days I started to suffer pain in my right jaw. The muscle of my jaw lost its elasticity and became rigid. The eating was painful matter. Therefore I had to return to the Fig Hospital. A new doctor saw me. He dug in my right gum with sharp tools ignoring my pain. And prescribed an antibiotic. I left him thinking that it was the end of pain. But the same disorder returned just after the finish of the antibiotic. I had to return to the same doctor and same painful procedure many times along about more than two months. Pain in eating at home and pain in digging the gum at the hospital was the state those days. At last while I was under the hand of my doctor another high rank doctor passed and gave the correct advice. He said put a piece of cotton in the hole of the tooth to enable the gum to grow slowly. That I did and my troubles ended indeed. This high rank doctor was called Esa which is Jesus in English.           To be continued