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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

7-Reactions from other periods

I found out many reactions in my autobiography for the older ages as if I am the carrier of the holy history. But the reactions are not orientated according the time axis. The matter appeared that most holy stories and words projected on my life from the beginning. We know that the projection of a vertical line is a dot but the dot can't show the length of that line. And the projection of a rectangle is a line and the projection of a sphere is a circle but always the exact dimension is not shown. That's why the reaction is not the same as action but it points to the essential action.
   When I was of about 12 years old I went with other boys to the near Gleam Beach. We took off our clothes and jumped in the water. Most of us were unable to swim; so we stayed near the beach taking care not to go deep in the sea. When I saw the older boys of our area riding a boat I jumped behind them. This appeared pleasing. But after minutes they became a bit far from the Beach and I felt afraid. I throw myself in the water thinking we were still near the bank. At once I got under the surface of water and I was unable to reach the surface. I kept struggling but in vain. I knew I was going to die. Mentally I asked God to forgive me and lead me to the Paradise not the Hell. Then I noticed that every thing around me was immersed in green light. Then I was seeing my body from above squatting inside the water. I felt that a ray of light is pushing my body. After a while my feet touched the land. Soon I got up and stood. Others said they saw me fainting among them. They carried me to the sand of the bank and made the first aids to discharge the water. But there was no water and I stepped up soon. I put on my clothes and searched for my firm friend. They said he went home. I accompanied the other firm friend and went home. There we found that our friend made our mothers in tension by his story. But when they saw us they thanked God and relaxed. Is there any doubt that this event appears as reaction to the story of Jonah in the Bible?  
   Jesus in the gospel spoke of himself as different from Jonah. So the reactions here are not from Jonah but from the One who was in Heaven leading the events of Jonah. That's why Jesus said I am from above. He had the quality of living with a foot in Heaven and another in Earth. This is true event meditate and comment.