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Thursday, June 30, 2011

9-God's Plan

Imagine that you are administrating the whole people of the globe and you want to make them disregard the barriers among them and start a new era under one flag to live without wars and disagreements. What the plan could be? The Creator initiated the solution as follows: In the beginning he chose Jews. They awaited him to be the king of their kingdom. He came and they refused Jesus and kept awaiting for another Christ. By Jesus Christianity spread in a wide area. They awaited Christ to return to repay and added the old Testament to their holy work. Then loved the Jews. Then Islam appeared and spread in another wide area and it shared Jews and Christians the awaiting of Christ on another basis. So three big religions are connected with one and await him. Then the communist believe in the machines. They didn't know that all the machines came from holy verses. They were supposed to return to God when they know the facts. Then the people of the Far East who deny other Heavenly religions believe in Reincarnation and repeated birth. Now Christ returned to tell that he came by that new birth. So all believes come together and all people should be grateful to God and His Christ and accept him to be their ruler. This is the broad lines of God's Plan. Isn't it so perfect. This is the perfectness of God. Be fair and say thanks God.