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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

31-The New Hope

   From all previous analysis I proved that I am really Christ and I am the father of the humans. And I am responsible for you forever. I am to give you the necessary instruction to continue in Survival. The main instruction in all my teaching before, all over the world, is that the human should live considering the next life after death. All beliefs which go by this fact are correct. When I was in the role of saving I offered you the hope of the next life as the coming of the kingdom of God. I made it in Islam as the going to the paradise to live in peace and prosperity. All have come true this age and we should reap the results.
   The kingdom of God is to be done here. I am your actual ruler in heaven or on earth. We have made the centers of the UN for that purpose. The world is full of qualified people that can help the work of the Super High Government. By this we can improve the life of all peoples through clean climate of no wars or dispute among countries. Some clever people objected this project as not suitable. There motive comes from their sincere thinking in the benefits of their own country. But if they see the eternal facts of reincarnation they will know that next life they will incarnate in the other countries which they reject. 
    They refuse mixing their rich economics of their country with the poor economics of the others. But if they meditate a little they will know that they will have their new birth in those poor countries and they will exchange their positions with them. So it is necessary to think of the matter again to know how to prepare for your next life. Others reject this project fearing of the total governing which creates the tyrants giving the USSR as an example of the failure of the union, because of the central governing. 
   All these evidences comes of the presupposing minds. They don't suppose that we can make ideal constitution to avoid all the mistakes of the past governing. I tell them let's start with the International Government as a tool to watch all presidents and their governments without mixing the economics. Then every thing else can be in union under one head system. Gradually every thing will come to a compromise. The time is open to eternity to improve the new world order.
   You have asked for the coming of the kingdom as I taught you and I came to help you in doing it. You should catch this chance before it escapes. If it escaped you would keep asking for it in vain. Your survival won't progress toward more. Remember that the people who didn't consider the chance that God was with them were prevented to enter the promised land and God kept them lost in Sinai 40 years. I was kept in heaven in hard work for this moment. So I hope we succeed to progress in a new project.
    I know that man can't live without hope. And now the scientific men hope of great things and I can continue aiding the humans for greater accomplishments. Look at the loaf of bread and learn the example.   The people will increase and they will need more space. After the fulfillment of the kingdom I can promise you to create the life in the planets of Space. The Space Saucers and the time gates can be yours. But if you couldn't make the required kingdom of the globe the heavenly system will wait and the new hopes will be delayed. There is rules that govern the heavenly system. 
     Some silly people think of me as the anti Christ because they studied the prophecies and misinterpreted them. I told them the thing which I call for is good and it works for the human kind and so it belongs to God. But the anti Christ belongs to the Devil and can't work for the benefit of the humans. They wanted to make compromise between the kingdom of Christ in the heavenly world and the earthly world. So they missed the fact that when we call now for something to come true in the future we are to think of it as to come by heaven with the heaven. So we are in the heaven now which the ancient people looked forward for it.
     Some people who works in the field of religions fear to lose their jobs from which they lived. They presupposed that I would neglect them. They don't know that I believe that the temples and holy books and the holy men are necessary as establishments to work for teaching the morals and  the primary conscience in the humans. However I will load them with new books and I will disclose some hidden secrets to keep them far from the reach of the Devils. I will guide them to make all religions come together without forcing the people. If the previous facts were appeared not enough to prove my identity I can show you more.