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Thursday, June 6, 2013

46-The Sea and Nile in Prophecy

Now I am going to show you a wonder related to the prophecies of the Old Testament. Egypt is troubled nowadays by the idea of Ethiopia of building a big dam on the Nile. I will show you two prophecies from Isaiah about Egypt:
     "The Lord will destroy the tongue of the sea of Egypt." 11:15 
This prophecy is taken from the Arabic Bible. The English Bible which I have translates it differently. As this prophecy had come true according to the Arabic Bible I feel I have no need to show the English translation of the same verse. 
     This prophecy had come true in the years (1859-69). The Red sea was with two tongues, one at the borders and another inside the land of Egypt. After connecting this tongue with the Mediterranean Sea by Suez Canal the tongue lost its description. It became no more a tongue. Although the normal mind takes the word destruction as something awful it was carried out in unexpected way. The tongue was destroyed and it brought great benefit to Egypt and the whole world. 
      Didn't I tell you that the art of prophesying is very great. The people who recited that prophecy reincarnated in that time to make it come true. Those who made it were divided in three parts. The high caste people, the low caste people and the descendants of Egypt. Many died in digging the canal and many won great wealth from dealing with it. 
     The second prophecy is about the River Nile.
     "The water will be low in the Nile and the river will gradually dry up. The channels of the river will stink as they slowly go dry.."
It is the problem of the hour. The dams which Ethiopia will built on the blue river will make the prophecy come true. Egypt is in need of the mercy of God to stop the carrying out of this prophecy. This should teach the people of the Globe that they shouldn't pray or prophesy against other nations. Because you reincarnate to get it unless you were wronged.