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Monday, May 27, 2013

45-The Return of David

It was clear that the coincidences have played great part in the proof I am Christ. The following coincidence will help in discovering the reincarnation of David in this age. I got the final mark in Algebra just before the joining of the secondary school. The headmaster of that secondary school was with a name which means ( My Understanding is Algebra) May be there were others who could get the final mark in Algebra. But of course no one got the other countless coincidences. So it is clear that God from behind the veil has been taking care of planning my destiny. That coincidence of Algebra was given to explain that the work of God in this age and every age follows some kind of Algebra that can be called heavenly Algebra. Because the matter is like the solving of equations in Algebra. It is not a coincidence that we find the name of Angel Gabriel sounds as Gebra from Algebra and el from the name of God Eal. 
     All this introduction means that the work of God needs Algebraic mind to reveal the ancient covered secrets. So we had countless institutes and colleges of religions that work with high qualified masters in religions but the truth was beyond their reach because they don't have the Heavenly Algebraic Mind. Read and reread the previous articles to see how from a very few words the experience started putting my mind in the field of Christ. It was the advanced language used in the Computer. By one word you should understand how to proceed. So I don't expect the uneducated to follow my task. 
     The subject of the return of David is a good example to explain this heavenly Algebra. We are to solve some equations to come to the final result. In Alexandria there is a famous area titled by Bacous. The main Tram number 1 carries the name Bacous relative to that famous area. However it means that Bacous is important. Why? The reason appears today that Esa ( Jesus) comes from that area. When we studied Hadith Mohamed about the descend of Esa east of Damascus I told you about a shop with the title Damascus in my area. In fact that shop is in the station of Bacous Tram. Algebra always seeks the unknown. Here is a very astonishing fact. The official written title on the wall of the station is not Bacous but it is Abu Shabanh.  Most people don't call that station by Abu Shabanh. Whenever a man wants to go there he asks for the station of Bacous not Abu Shabanh. And there is a very famous and beloved singer in Egypt called Abdel Halim Hafez. There is something about the name of this singer. His family name is not Hafez but it is Abu Shabanh. He was advised to change his family name to an artistic name. 
     There is a relation between Abdel Halim and Bacous through the name Abu Shabanh. And there is a relation between Abdel Halim and me through my fourth name Abdel Haleem. The matter appears as if  it reminds with calling Jesus by the son of David as his ancestor. All these equations tell that the singer Abdel the reincarnaton of David who incarnated his past gift of the Psalms. In the Quran God says about David "He will be loved and he will  have a good return." This came true that Abdel Halim was a very good singer and actor and he lived in prosperity. As God inspired David high Psalms and made some of them come true in Jesus He inspired him again high songs and made some of them come true in me.
     From among his songs see this: " Try to remember me!" and it came true. " You my father wasted his age although I have something to converse with him." "I love you and I wish to forget you"  In film The Sins he played the role of the adopted son.  His father slapped him on the chick for saying no and it was a critical moment in the film. The same happened with me in the start of my experience. However this part needs big study to get more details. He wasn't the only singer of Egypt who was inspired from behind the veil about my task. The singer Abdel Wahab who has my same name was famous by the musician of all generations. He sang for the art "Who that can know the art except that who had lived in its heaven" Of course he tries to remind us with the Esa living in heaven." "You country of wronging be destroyed and vanish"  
     In the sixties Om Kalthom, who sang "Egypt speaks about herself", sang " You are my whole age"  It was composed by Abdel Wahab. People said about this first cooperation between both "The meeting of clouds"   They approached the saying of the meeting on air as told in the Gospel. The singer Mohamed Fawzy sang "Essam will be an officer and defend you"  Take Essam for Esa to know that it came true as shown in a previous article. Suad Mohamed sang "The Post men complained of your much letters."  It came true that I sent countless letters to the heads of Egypt. The people of the adverts were watching these letters and showed hints of it. I had never told anyone about that. Here is the song of Halim "Sweet and liar"  Also Halim sang for the coincidence "The day of your love was the best coincidence" Generally I advise some people to study Egypt from this new viewpoint.