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Friday, May 3, 2013

44-Reactions From Past Miracles

The name lazarus was rare in the Egyptian society where I lived and little among Muslims who knew that Jesus had resurrected a man called Lazarus. They know from the Quran that Jesus had the authority from God to resurrect the dead. But the details were missed. In the central period in the very start of my experience the name Lazarus came in connection with the inspiration I am the Messiah. After I came out from the Jonah Hospital I went home; entered the bathroom; saw red spots on my skin; got out to bring a smear prescribed by doctor Lazarus. When I caught the bottle of the construction the inspiration I am Christ came to my mind. But I doubted it that it seemed unreasonable. 
     Now let's narrate a real story about my connection with doctor lazarus. Before I retired by some years I returned from my duty day and noticed red spots on my skin. In the evening I visited the special clinic of doctor lazarus. " This is a kind of Tinea," he said.
     "Is it dangerous?" I asked.
    "No!" he said. " I will prescribe a construction to smear your skin. You should smear the skin several successive days even after the disappearance of the spots."
He wrote the Chemical construction and went on saying,"You should keep your skin dry. After you bathe you should dry it perfectly. Tinea is like plants; it grows with water. Take care not leave the sweat on your skin."  Then he handled me the prescription and said,"It is better to let the pharmacy of my brother Mizrahi do the construction for you."
     "Where is it?" I asked.
     "Next street," he said. " It is famous."
I thanked him and did all what he advised. In two days the red spots vanished and I was healed. After about two years I needed Lazarus again. I didn't have red spots but I had the very need to scratch my skin. I accompanied my wife and visited his Clinic. He prescribed the successful smear and I was healed in the same day. The name Mizrahi contains two parts; the part "hi" means alive in Arabic.
     After years I was in the area of Lazarus Clinic and didn't see its tag. I wondered and asked someone about that. He replied that he died. I felt sorry. But after years I was with my sister conversing and we recalled doctor Lazarus. 
     "He died," I said.
     "No." She said. "He didn't die."
     "I didn't see the tag of his Clinic," I said. "And people told me he died."
     "He transferred his Clinic to another area." She said.
     "I am happy." I said. "It appeared for me as if he died and then came to live again."

     When I was a child of about eight years I had a wonderful experience in relation to resurrection to live. A little chicken died and my mother handled it to me to throw it outside far from the house. I took it to the near small canal and put it on its bank.  I took some water by my hand and throw it on the dead chicken. For my astonishment he rose to life and walked a few steps then fell down. I throw water again on it but he didn't rise again. This experience didn't vanish from my mind and I always thought of the magic in water. 

     Now come to another miracle. It is the cut of the ear of the slave of the high priest. After I was transferred from the Navy College to the Workshops I became joined with the workshop of signal. Many times along a year I went to stand at the door of the workshop; and many times I saw an officer from another workshop with a cut in his ear. I mean his ear was missing its upper part. In the same period the minor chief of the workshop was looking like the famous Peter Ghaly who became the chief of the UN. So I knew that I was transferred to that new place according to a destiny made by God to get a complete picture of the subject. Since then I didn't complain any new situation in my life. I took everything as a destiny ordered by God. But something astonishing happened after say 20 years.
       Once I was in the Navy Hospital, after I retired, and I saw the pre mentioned officer without a cut in his ear. I wondered  that I kept about a year seeing him with a cut in his ear and now he was with a perfect ear. Of course impossible to guess that he fixed his ear at a surgeon. It means that it brought to me the memory of Jesus when he fixed the ear of the slave just after Peter cut it off with his sword.