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Sunday, February 25, 2018

109- Alazhr Opinion!

"Why don't you go to Alazhar?"
Going to Alazhar was not a problem but I didn't. You remind me with that one day, say 30 years ago, I sent a little manuscript, titled by Announcing Christ the Groom of Peace, to the Presidency in the time of Mubarak and I was anxious to get a good response. After days I received a letter from the Ministry of Defense. They wrote to me that my book didn't contain military knowledge and I should show it to Alazahar as the principle establishment of Islam in Egypt to approve it for publishing.
I wondered why they asked me to go to Alazhar not considering the knowledge I wrote in the manuscript. I thought they should have been surprised that the airplane and TV were made for Christ to make the prophecy of the coming of Jesus Christ flying from the sky come true. They didn't evaluate highly the value of my subject. They didn't behave as I figured out. They couldn't reach the idea of peace in my book.
I decided not to go to Alazhar because I doubted their judgment on my subject. They deal with religion as math but in reality the Spirit of God deals with it as some kind of art. Most prophecies came true but they would ask about the prophecies which didn't come true. Most learned leaders of religions behave the same in all religions.
One day I tried to surprise one old learned Muslim by telling him that the big sign of the hour of the end Aldabt (Living Creature able to walk and speak) has come true by the Radio. His response was a big smile and then he stood up and walked a few steps saying, Aldabat here is a living being that walks on legs on earth like this. It is not the radio as you say; it is one of the big ten signs of the hour of the end and didn't happen yet; when the time of the end comes God will create it.
I said, "Isn't the Radio better for people than that living creature Aldabat? It made the prophecy comes true in the best way."
"The matter is not which is better for people," he said. "The matter is that God said something and he is able to do it exactly."
"You look at the religious matter as you look at Math," I said. "Religions were made for the human being and the Radio is better than Aldabat. Suppose that the donkey became able to speak the human language; what will he add to the life of people? "
"Don't forget that it comes as a sign for the end of life of the universe," he said.
"Really the holy project of God doesn't tell about the end of the universe," I said. "It planed the union of all nations in the kingdom of God. The end is the end of this holy project which started by the prophet Abraham."
"Sorry! This is wrong! You should read the Quran to see how it tells about the total destruction of the universe," he said.
"I have read the Quran many times," I said. "But I have known the secret of its design. Every Surah is titled by the name of God the Most Merciful and the Most Gracious.  This is done to lessen the harmful pictures shown in it. However you can't reach this result without following the holy plan of God as written in the Old Testament and New Testament."
Alazhar works according to one reference and denies all other references; that make them unable to approve any thing I quoted from the Bible. I depend on showing the holy verses in every religion which witnesses to me but they will refuse a great deal of it. When I say I got my name El Sadek Salem from the Letter to Hebrew in the Gospel and I was to live in a Street by the name Palestine as shown in Genesis they wouldn't feel the greatness in my saying. And when I show them the realization of the talks of Mohammed in me about the return of Jesus they would seek some details which didn't come true. They ignore what come true to ask about what didn't come true.  
I know that every religion has something that has come true in me. It is something that has been planed to make all religious people see a bond with me to encourage them all to believe me and cooperate in doing the ever peace in the Kingdom of God allover the Globe.  
All big signs of the hour of the end have come true but I am sure they will say no, because they have already studied them and put their own theories about them. The sign of Smoke has come true in different things like the smoke of the factories, cars, cigarettes, etc. But they think of a smoke that will cover the whole globe in one time.
The sign of the rising of the sun from the west has come true by discovering the continent of America. The globe as a ball in the modern understanding makes it easy to see that those who live in the west in America are also live in the east relative to the people of the Far East. There is no need for the Sun to change the direction of rotation. Can they accept this interpretation?
The sign of the appearance of the False Messiah who will corrupt in the earth as an atheist has come true. But they will say no because they didn't come to this conclusion by their studies. We had two one eyed famous men who made the prophecy come true. I explained many details about them in my work. The first was Sartre in the world of thinking and the second was Mosa Dian in the field of wars between Egypt and Israel. These wars showed the sign of Gog and Magog. Can they accept this interpretation?
The sign of the coming back of Jesus Christ has come true in me. If we ignored the knowledge of the bible about me we would see signs that came true in me from Mohammed Talks like that I married, that I had two boys, that I came in two Mahrosaht; the first is Egypt which is famous by the title Almahrosaht and the second is the area in which I lived with parents in Bacous. But as the Talk tells that this place is in the east of Damascus they will deny this interpretation. They ignore what come true and ask about what didn't come true.
 As for the wars led by Jesus I was in the armed forces of Egypt during the wars between Egypt and Israel when Mosa Dian was the minister of defense of the armed forces of Israel and Alsadat was president of Egypt. It meant that Alsadat played the role of Almahdi. Can they accept this interpretation?
The same problem appears in Christianity; they believe that the stars will fall on the earth without considering how this match with the other prophecies. So they deny my saying that it came true in the electric lamps which fill the earth and made its nights full of falling stars.
As you see the Spirit shaped the events in certain way different from the general understanding of all people. The Spirit stressed some points and ignored others to make the work keep hidden until the return of Christ.