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Saturday, February 6, 2016

90- More About Saint Germain

I recall that when I was kept in the Hospital of the Fig for the second time they guided me to stay with two patients; the first was a giant with huge body l and the second was very thin and was trembling while lying in his bed, at the far side of the room. The first was breathing loudly and blowing air with very loud voice so that it shook the place. All patients in other rooms of the department complained and I, after knowing my place between them, managed to leave the room and spend my time with my fellows upstairs. 

The man who was trembling severely seems to remind with the saying in the report: "When she said that he must be a devil he was seized with a cramp-like trembling in every limb, and left the room immediately."
The saying that it seems that Saint Germain attended his funeral generated the following incident after my transformation. Countless times I went out of my house and my legs led me unconsciously to places of recently dead persons. I was bewildered what that means. I even went to cemeteries all over Alexandria to approach the meaning. Many times I walked with people, I didn't know, behind their dead dears while carrying their bodies to their tombs.
One day, while I was walking in a funeral I got the inner dialogue, they are carrying my body not knowing I am walking among them. I felt the joke greatly and I stifled a big laughter. I started to know that the spirits of the recently dead persons used to come and stay a while in my body. During this while they managed my body and made me see their places and peoples they used to live among them.
It made me understand many of the phrases people use in consoling each other in death. For example: The remnant in your life means that your life will go to God. The survival is for God means that the only one who lives for ever is God. God be mercy to him means asking God to assign a merciful life for him in the Day of Judgment.
The saying that Saint Germain refused to tell any thing about his origin and real name is found also in the story of Babaji and the book of Brunton and the verses about Melchi Sadek King of Salem in the Letter to Hebrew and Genesis.
The Quotation about the apartment which was assigned to Saint Germain in the Castle of France is similar to the saying that Babaji had his abode in the Himalaya Mountain as told by the Indian Yogi Yogananda. However, I had something related to an apartment as reaction or reminding event. The village of my birth contained several houses for my family. But as I realized that all were crowded except the big house of my aunt I managed to stay at her every time I visited the village. My uncle, whom his picture looked like the Admiral Nelson of England in the period of Napoleon, used to blame me that I preferred the house of my aunt to his house.
In the house of my aunt I used to stay in a special room without partner unless the son of my aunt came. And when he came we involved in very interesting discussion. So the matter was more comfortable there. I always believed that this aunt was the reincarnation of Mary Antoinette.

The saying that Saint Germain took part in the Russian Revolution is found similar to the saying of the author of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion that they knew the primary secrets of the rise of the French Revolution.
His connection with the Masons was natural because he was behind the initiation of the Free Masonry; he made it to make a holy verse in the Revelation come true. Later I will explain it.
Now in the beginnings of my experience and before knowing these books I deduced that God led the history by his holy verses. Jesus said I would return again and people would see me coming from sky, and that was the reason why people invented the airplane. So I was to deduce that there was magic power in the holy sayings of Jesus. And his word was the leader of history in all fields.

Revolutions don't appear isolated from all other events of history. The books added to me the confirmation by details that it was necessary for him to attend by himself to push the required events to advance. People wished to see Jesus coming again from sky by their physical eyes so he was to approve it by the progress of material sciences.