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Sunday, January 1, 2017

96- The Response of God to Me

Now let me describe the response of God to me this age. Usually people who are in connection with God take signs from Him as something to confirm them and increase there faith that they are in real connection with unseen Intelligence. These signs are called miracles and wonders. In the beginning of my experience I noticed that when I walked in streets or got on public means I saw many accidents as if they were waiting for me to see them.
 After I saw many reactions to holy past actions and after I saw many holy prophecies came true in my life I remarked a kind of response to my written words. In the past God demonstrated the direct response to Jesus oral words. So people knew that Jesus had the authority over every thing by his word.
In this age I get response not for one word but for writing an essay or a group of words or a whole manuscript. I seem that I don’t have authority on any thing as any human. But the response to what I write becomes very clear to me when I watch the events of the world on the TV. It means that God has kept the authority in his hand. When I write I see a response usually I don't aim at. I will show examples. I understood that God kept the authority in his hand to make me avoid the results that we are in the time of punishing the people who had been evil in their previous lives. Usually the response is disasters and crisis of different kinds in different parts of the globe.
Sometimes I got in trouble with a person and he passed as if he did nothing wrong to me. But for my surprise I saw a kind of revenge from a person in his category not in direct relation with me.  Of course this seemed strange but it was the will of God and I understood it.
I started to see this response when I finished writing the first letter and delivered it to a Christian Pastor. I hoped of him to inform the Church. But in a few days a big conflict happened between Muslims and Christians in an area called Alzawia Alhamra.  Late President Sadat appeared in the TV and commented on that event. So I understood that God chose that way to make me avoid the feeling of guilt in these disasters.

I wrote a manuscript and soon after I finished an earthquake happened in Cairo. That manuscript was delivered to Pope Shenodht the chief of Christian Orthozox in Egypt. When he didn't behave with that manuscript as expected I managed to write another manuscript and sent it chapter by chapter to the Al Ahram Newspaper in Cairo. After sending a few chapters a big earthquake happened in Cairo. Then I started to watch the earthquakes which happened all over the world just after finishing my writing.  
Sometimes, the depression inside me for ignoring my task gets the response in the explosion of some Volcanoes. 
I made a big manuscript full of details and this was followed by the very big Earthquake and Tsunami which happened in the East of Asia 2004. It affected my feelings. I thought of how to decrease the effect of my writings. And I reached some solution and followed it as possible. However you read in the Revelation to John about a huge Earthquake and you read in Quran a Surah with the name Earthquake. It means that all these events come from a destiny already written in the holy books.

I remarked that, the famous names contemporary with me in this age, seemed like something to show a very huge revelation. Those names were used by God in showing His response to me. But it is difficult for any one who does not know the Arabic and English Language to know.
Once I wrote an essay to keep and soon after finishing I noticed the appearance of its estimation, in the international events, by the appearance of the name of the country (Kowalalampor) which sounds in the Arabic tongue like (A Saying Not Poor). (Kowala sounds in Arabic the word, Saying; Lam sounds in Arabic like the word Not; the word Por sounds in English the word Poor). So I could understand from God's response that I wrote something not trifle. But if I wrote something not perfect I got the response by the name of the country Argentina. It sounds (Urgent Teen); urgent means quick and teen means fig in Arabic and it is a symbol for the holy word. So I was to revise what I just wrote.
Such a kind of response I first noticed when I searched for the meaning of the tiny stars which I saw day and night in the beginning of my experience. In that time the famous name Giusho Nogomo appeared in the international news. Giushu sounds in Arabic like the word his Armies; and Nogomo sounds like the word, his stars.
Sometimes I sent a letter to someone to read and approve I am the Christ. Soon after, the response appeared in the appearance of the name of the Turkish Capital Ankara in the international news. Ankara sounds in Arabic like Denied. So I could know that the receiver of my letter denied me.
Sometimes I sent a letter to someone avoiding telling some hard facts and the response rose in the appearance of the name of Japan which sounds in Arabic like Coward.
Sometimes I received the response in the appearance of the name of the country Akuadoor. It sounds in Arabic like Strongest Role. This response used to come when I got the feeling that my role was less than previous roles of past prophets.
Sometimes I received the response in the appearance of the name of the country Colorado in the international news. It sounds in Arabic like All Accepted. It usually came after putting in my writing the invitation to the political union of all nations of the Globe as to realize the Kingdom Of God on Earth. It made me understand that it will be done in the future.
Sometimes I felt bad toward myself. To that I got the response in the appearance of the name of the country Malezia; it sounds in Arabic, I am without like. Or I got Senegal which sounds, the son is precious.
Sometimes I got the response in the appearance of the country Indonesia, which sounds in Arabic, they forgot the end.