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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Introduction Continue -1-

  I had the inspiration that I am Christ and tried to cast it out of my mind knowing that this was insane. But the same notion repeated in my mind day after another. Finally I submitted to the notion and decided to search why this came to my mind. As I had not read the gospel before I didn't know the story of Christ in detail or feel it like this time. I said to myself, a powerful man like that sure was able for everything. I said He in spirit might tuned with me. I was in a hurry trying to know every thing from this supposed spirit. I read every book , that I found, about Christ. The love for him increased until I wept from time to time while reading. He has a high character that attracts and confirms.
  He stood on the water and was able to caught Peter and prevented him from sinking. How did he do that? I wondered how they dared to crucify him, and why they met his good deeds by that awful manner. I searched and I noticed that I passed with many events not typical to his events but with mysterious relation with them. Later I deduced that this is the relation between the action and reaction as stated in the holy beliefs in India and the Far East in general. After two years I discovered the following Astonishing and Surprising Facts:
   I was reading the Bible in the Letter to Hebrew passing quickly on the lines when I stopped surprised and astonished to see my second and third name in the first line of Chapter 7. I wondered of that. please see:
This Melchi Sadek (Melchizedek) was king of Salem, and also a priest of the most high God"       I was astonished because Sadek is the name of my father and Salem is the name of my grand father who knew nothing about Christianity.
                    (It is written so in the Arabic Bible but the English translator
                      added the title to the name   and made it Melchizedek.)
    So I returned to the last lines in Chapter 6. and read: 
  "Jesus has become a high priest forever in the line of succession to Melchi Sadek" 
  I took it as a sign to confirm me, that my name entered or in succession to the name Sadek, specially when we know that the ancient Jews gave the names of their children great care as a religious matter. I mean you don't find the name Zedek among Jews but you can find Sadek in the OT.     Another astonishing coincidence in the same point I found. As Melchi Sadek lived in Palestine I was brought up in a street named Palestine in Alexandria. The third coincidence  astonished me greatly when I read,"There is no record of Melchi Sadek's father or mother or any of his ancestors"  This is true to me. If you searched the records to find  the name of my father as El Sadek Salem you won't find it. The same is true to mother and ancestors. Doesn't this show that the matter was not coincidences but planned by the Super power of God? To be continued.