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Thursday, May 26, 2011

1-New Type of Facts

Before being surprised by seeing about my name in the Letter to Hebrew I was astonished as a scientific man by another type of facts. Follow me: 
  The people are promised in the gospel that, "Christ will come from Heaven on Clouds and all people will see him coming with much glories and powers"  The tangle which was put before the Holy Spirit is that if Christ was put at the clouds no one would see him. If he was made to approach the land a few people would see him not all as stated. This was solved; God enabled people to create the airplane and Television and Satellite to be ready to make the prophecy come true when Christ returns back. The airplane is to carry him through clouds of Heaven. The Television is to show him to some people. The Satellite is to carry the show to all peoples of the World. 
  These inventions are some of the glories which would accompany Christ. There is more. In the gospel people are promised that the coming of Christ will be like the lightening flash which fills the Earth from East to west in seconds. That's why God enabled people to create all means of broadcasting the news to be ready to spread the news of his returning back when he comes. All means of communications was given from the Creator to enable them speak about the matter together and spread the news to fill the whole world with this happy news. 
  The prophecy of "the Fall of Stars and the darkening of the Sun and Moon" got a comment by Karlil B. Hines in his book, The Second Advent, wrote,"On May 19, 1780 at about 10 in the morning the light of the Sun disappeared and very thick dark came allover the world, and continued until next day. This sign came in the due time to make the prophecy come true. And on November, 1883 at dawn the sky rained countless shooting stars in a way that have never happened before. It came in its due time and many believed that the end would come soon. I know that such events attracted some people to enter the faith in God.
  The fact is that God enabled people to create the electrical lamps, which make the nights of the cities as with fallen stars. God the merciful made the destroying prophecies come in samples. So the Sun and Moon disappeared when an atomic bomb were thrown on Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan in the second World War in 1945. 
   Also, in the gospel you read in the Revelation "I am coming soon""I am Coming quickly" That's why God enabled people to create the fast things like the trains, cars, ships, and airplanes etc. Later I will explain the rules behind stating that. 
   People were taught to pray" May your Kingdom come" That's why God led the history in certain way to enable the people to establish the UN in USA as the chief of the nations. This was to be prepared for the coming of Christ to be the Ruler of all peoples, by using a super high government.In the kingdom of God they were promised to live forever. Although God knows that they live forever by the repeated birth of the soul He enabled them to make films and record them, so they can see the people who died before as living forever. It seemed as a new meaning for immortality.
   I know that the Quran doesn't match the belief of the non Muslims. But later I will prove that it came from the same God of Heavens. In Quran read,"You Jinn and People, if you could penetrate the boundaries of Heaven and Earth do it, you can not do it except by using an authority" That's why God enabled people to create the Space Ships. We notice that the word people in Arabic is Nas. It approaches the name of NASA. It means that the people who established it were from reincarnated Muslim souls. So the word Jinn points to the people of Russia who were clever in the same field.
   Also God in Quran said,"I am quick to compute" That's why God enabled people to create the computer. The T.V appear as with a sky; and they say the term the space of the Net as another idea for the coming of Christ surrounded with angles or like angles. The same idea is applied on the Christian belief that the good people will " meet Christ on air"  When they meet Christ on T.V. screen this will make the prophecy come true.
   Also God in the Quran said, I am able to blow the mountains, that's why people were enabled to create the Bombs. There are a lot of glories like these in the holy books that you can find. It is clear that God was behind our modern civilization. It  proves that the power of creating is still prevailing the nature and we can use it by following God. I think now you know how the art of religion works.