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Monday, May 30, 2011

2-Central Events(1)

In the following I show you the start of my experience which from I deduced the principles of Reincarnation which I am sure that Jesus had known before. You will see that He intentionally allowed himself to do and say somethings to be criticized to appear in the future, when he comes back. For now I want to add to the items of new facts some facts that confirm me.
   When Matthew wanted to tell that Jesus was the awaited Messiah he used the prophecy of O.T. "From Egypt I called my Son and He shall be called Nazarene" This came true in Jesus as you know; now this same prophecy repeated in another way in me. After my birth in 1948 the Nasserian Revolution rose in Egypt and everyone was proud to be called Nasserian. Later, I joined a high school with the same name Nasserian; so when I was asked about my high school I said I was from the Nasserian. You notice that the names are similar and the prophecy repeated in another way.
   The prophecy in which Jesus said,"I will return just before completing your preaching in all the cities of Israel" and another in the Revelation,"Listen I am coming like a thief" and another in the symbol of the fig tree as a sign for the end in the Gospel of Matthew, connected Israel with his new coming. That's why the reincarnated Christ was born in June 10,1948, after the official birth of Israel in May15,1948. God the leader of the history made this to prepare the people of Jews to receive Christ again.
    Now I am going to show you some reactions from the period of Jesus Christ:Just before the central events I untied all my relations with all religions believing that they were man made. I discussed my proof with friends in the college and most of them said that the religion is constant that cannot be touched. They sacrificed the facts on the alter of the inherited thinking. However I was happy those days in discussing these matters. They sometimes resisted my saying with strong ideas and I was to search at home how to solve it. Then the orders came from the security not to speak in these matters. I had wanted to raise the society but I was prevented. I stopped discussing and I became tired. I felt that this kind of life was not worth to live. 
   As I used to have some of my desires fulfilled in a mysterious way, I desired to die without suffering. Then an idea emerged in my mind; I should write my entire mind to leave to my children before passing away. So, I started to write with great enthusiasm to finish quickly before the coming death. I was afraid lest I die before finishing. After about a year I finished a book in more than 600 pages with the title"Survival Call" I was very happy with this result. I forgot my desire to die; I restored my love to live and wanted to live until seeing the law of free writing to be able to publish this work to put my name among the modern thinkers.
   I gave my book a last happy look at midnight and went to bed to sleep. That was in April 1979. At dawn I was awaken feeling that a sword had just stabbed me in my heart. The pain increased and I lost my breath. I tried to move up or to the right or to the left but the increasing pain prevented me from trying. I caught my heart with my hand and kept standstill wishing to know why. My mind went on searching the reasons in vain. The words of my book went on rotating without control.
   A notion came to my mind urging me to call God, but I resisted that I should not betray my own writing in my book. I endured the increasing pain believing I was going to die. I kept resisting to call for God. But it seemed that I fainted and lost control so that I recovered knowing that I had just cried" Ya Rub" which is Lord in English. The pain decreased to a bearable limit and I restored my breath; I became able to move freely. It seemed that although my wife was sleeping in the far room she heard my cry and came to find out. My neighbor Successor brought his car and took me to the Jonah Hospital of the Navy. The doctor put me in the intensive care room and made me put on the mask of Oxygen. In a short while I groaned ; the doctor wondered of the case and ordered for me to be kept to be seen by the chief of heart department.
   In the morning the chief came and ordered  for me some medicine, and ordered the nurse to take charts for my heart. In the following three successive nights I got up at dawn feeling slight pain in the heart. In the third morning I heard noise coming from the corridor. I knew that two officers from the Navy busied the near room. After a short period I went out of my room to visit them. At their door I stood, Peace be up on you! The nearer replied, and you. I sat down with them exchanging names and jobs and status. The first was called the Raised in Peace; he got heart attack in the funeral of his father. The second was called Ahmed; he was very tired and complained of (the twelve). Just after hearing that, the notion,"I am Christ" emerged in my mind without apparent reason. I wondered and continued the discussion with the first.         To Be Continued.