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Monday, November 17, 2014

56-Getting Pastry

There were events that happened while being in the hospital but appeared without much importance. Later on and after many years of searching they appeared very important.
   A Christian colonel from my Navy College called G.S. came as a patient and was kept in the room beside my room. I met him by accident. Waking in the corridor I saw him through the narrow opening of the door of his room.  I stood at the door, "High!"  He said, "Welcome Abdo, get in."  I entered and he signed for me to set down on his bed. I asked him about his situation and I wished the healing for him. During the conversation he uttered these words,
    "Useless, Useless, all is useless like catching the wind," said King Solomon. I asked,
     "Where did that was written?"
     "In the book of Ecclesiastes," he answered.
 In the Quran we don't have such details about King Solomon. Later I discovered that what is written about King Solomon in the Quran is made to be for the future as a symbol for Jesus' Return as a King. 
     While being with my friends in the upper room they spoke about supper and they wished to eat pastry. I understood that they were unable to go out of the hospital to bring the pastry. So, I promised to bring the pastry to them. I got out of the hospital and walked the long street to reach the shop of pastry.  While I was walking I heard clearly two persons sitting in front of a shop speaking about me. They said, "Look at this man. He is walking like a man walking in a dream. "The other one said, "Maybe he is drunk."  I didn't look at them and soon I reached the shop of pastry and bought the required amount of pastry and returned. My friends were very glad to see the pastry and it was a good supper.
       Ahmed entered the hospital because of disorder in his ear. He said,
       "We were in a maneuver to use the cannons on the ship. The sound of a shot made the drum of my ear tear. I cried loudly and my fellows brought me to the hospital. Doctors said I needed an operation and reserved me to prepare for it."
       "Why did only you get this disorder from the sound of the shot?" I asked.
       "I was standing nearer to the cannon," he answered.
Later on, I saw the importance of that event of my friend Ahmed, when I read about Babaji who appeared in India in the seventeenth century.  And I could know that Babaji was Jesus while being in heaven. I confirmed it by analyzing the action/reaction rule. The reactions of the actions of Babaji appeared in my life in the same way Jesus' reaction appeared in my life.
        At last the doctor came to me and said,
        "You will be transferred to the Hospital of Psychiatry in Cairo. A soldier will accompany you to it with your file. "  
After a while a soldier came to me to appoint the time of meeting on Saturday to take the train to Cairo. It deserves to mention that the doctors didn't prescribe any pills or injections for me during the week in the Fig-Hospital.