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Friday, November 21, 2014

57-Hospital of Psychiatry

       At home I thought of how I would spend my time in the hospital of Cairo and I decided to take the Arabic Bible with me to read it all.
       I and the soldier together arrived at the Hospital of Psychiatry at 11 AM. A lieutenant Colonel doctor received us and the soldier handled him a file. He opened and looked into it then closed it, and dismissed the soldier. He asked me,
      "What did you do?"
      "I did nothing," I answered.
      A nurse came and the doctor told her to lead me to my room. Later on, I knew I was put in the department of non dangerous patients.  The room was with two beds, one of them was already occupied with a patient from the army. That one received me with due respect and introduced him self to me. In the upcoming days he became of great aid to acknowledge me with many things in the hospital. So I knew the name of the doctor who had received me and the name of the General of the hospital. He also made me know the names of the patients with us in the department and their specific disorder. 
     Two days passed normally; I took my pills regularly and I read some parts of the bible and accepted the new change. I was still able to see my usual human faces on everything around me. Although they never spoke I felt pleased with them. I convinced myself that they share me their ideas by telepathy. In the third day at about 10 AM, while I was relaxing on my bed, it happened all of a sudden that my fellow jumped in his bed and shouted loudly, "Don't approach me! Keep away from me!" It was something terrifying and surprising. After a while I restored the control and stood watching him. He was imploring to some unseen figures or ghosts to keep far from him. I looked in the direction he looked and I didn't see any thing. The matter appeared as if seeing ghosts is something personal.
      Soon the nurse accompanied with two soldiers came and they managed to give him an injection. He came down and went in sleep.  That incident irritated me then I became used to it. No doctor came to discuss my ideas or converse with me. I started to see that the sweet on my body changed to pale green. I thought that the Kundalini activity worked hard in cleansing my blood from the chemicals of the medicine. However later I noticed that my fingers started to suffer a tremble. So I wanted to complain it to my doctor G.Y. and asked the nurse to lead me to him. But for my surprise she said,
      "Doctor G.Y. in his annual vacation."
      "If so bring me another doctor." I said.
      "Why?" she asked.
      "My fingers started to tremble," I said. "I am sure this happened because of the medicine."
       She brought me a doctor and I asked him to stop the pills. He said,
       "You are the case of Doctor G.Y. and no one can do anything to you."
       "Should I wait till he returns from his Vacation?" I asked.
       "Yes," he answered. "Don't worry; the medicine is good for you."

                    To be continued!