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Friday, December 5, 2014

59- Serpent Power

I read much of the Bible and the days passed quickly. But a strange thing happened my feeling toward the Bible changed without reason. In the past, as an atheist, I read part of Genesis and I criticized it as full of mistakes. But now I started to like its way of explaining the creation. I was happy to know that Jesus had read it. I noticed that the name of Melchi Sadek king of Salem who met Abraham is written in Genesis as king of Shalem. But my mind was not ready to understand the truth behind the similarity with the name of my father and grand father.  And I wondered why Abraham should give the tenth of every thing to Melchi Sadek. 
However, the Bible seemed as an ocean full of limitless contents. Later, when I studied the Letter to Hebrew I understood the reason. That was after several years when I compared my situation with the situation of Melchi Sadek. Jesus had known it and that's why he once spoke of the city of Salem (Jerusalem) as the city of the great king. It made me search the libraries for something about the history of Jerusalem just after finishing my days in the hospital of Cairo.

I hated being kept in the hospital and I went to the office of the General. I saluted him and he paid attention to me. I said,
"Sir, I am not ill. I authorized a book and they authorized that I was ill and led me to here. Please allow me to finish my being in here."
"Can you get that book to me?" he asked.
"Yes I can," I answered.
"Okay in the weekend, bring it to me," he said. "If you come with it and don't find me in the office leaf it to me here."
"Yes sir!" I said, and saluted him and left.
In the weekend I went out and left for Alexandria. My wife wondered of my long absence in Cairo and I comforted her and told here not to inform my parents about going to the hospital of Cairo. On Friday, I visited my parents and spent an hour with them. Then I got on the train to Cairo with the book in my bag. I delivered it to the General in his office and left to wait for his decision. I hoped of leaving the hospital as soon as possible. But I was to wait for another week to give the General the time to see the contents of my book.
A doctor under training met me outside my room and started a conversation with me by asking about my name and case. I told him about my book and he told me that he saw it in the office of the General. I asked him whether he opened it and he told me he just saw it. I asked,
"Did you know any thing about the Kundalini phenomenon?"
"What is that?" he asked.
"It is a phenomenon mentioned in Yoga," I said. "This phenomenon is connected with the back bone. They say that the rise of the serpent power in the back bone develops the spiritual power."
"Why do you ask about it?" he asked.
"It happens to me," I said. "But I hoped to know its meaning in the medical sciences."
"How does it happen with you?" he asked.
"I get sensation at the bottom of my body just under the sexual region. After a while this sensation happens at my heart; then it happens at the top of my head at the crown center."
"This might be a sour in the nerve system," he said.
"I don't think so because this phenomenon is described in several books of Yoga. And they always say that it is the Yoga of the Masters."
"What is its benefit to the Masters?" he asked.

"They say when the serpent power reaches the crown center the Yogi becomes in connection with the Universal Spirit."
"What do you mean by the Universal Spirit?" he asked.

"It is the Spirit of God or the Holy Spirit." I answered. He smiled and asked the excuse to leaf.