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Friday, December 12, 2014

60- Alone In Desert

It seemed that the dialogue with the doctor activated him so that the nurse came to me to give me an injection. I objected but she insisted and I got the injection. Soon I slept.  After I awoke my partner Ahmed said, "You have been sleeping for two days."  In the weekend I went out to spend it with the family of my uncle at Al Maadi. My aunt told me that my cousin Z.N. was in his day of duty in his unit. I left her to visit him in his unit. After spending two hours or more I found myself in the middle of a desert at sunset. There was no one to show me the right way to his unit. I walked on the light of the moon with the hope to meet any person to guide me to the correct direction.
For my good luck a soldier with a motorcycle stopped beside me, "Where are you going? This place is very dangerous to walk in it. It is full of savage wolves."
"I came to see my cousin who is a captain on duty today," I said. "But I was lost."
He asked me about the name of my cousin and his unit and I answered him. He said,
"You are lucky that I am going to that unit to deliver messages," he said, "get on beside me."
I got on in the box attached to his motorcycle and he drove on. After about half an hour we reached our destination. It was a surprise to my cousin. He welcomed me at the door of the unit then accompanied me to the room of rest to introduce me to the chief of the unit, who shook my hand with peace and said,
"Sure you are a faithful man. This desert is full of wolves. The soldier of messages doesn't come everyday. Thanks God for your safety."
I thanked God too. But my cousin who didn't know my last change smiled but didn't comment on the saying of his leader. His previous idea about me as an atheist was still in his mind. During the supper the leader spoke of a big serpent that was discovered in their unit and they killed it. We spoke also about the peace treatment which President Sadat made with Israel. After the supper I went with my cousin to his room to sleep.
I stretched on my bed in thick darkness. When I closed my eyes I saw three successive picture drawn in golden lights and were accompanied by the impression that they were for my mother, sister and wife. My mind restored what I heard about the danger I had been applied to in the desert. Then suddenly I saw clear natural pictures, one for two old foreign persons wearing hats on their heads; they seemed as man and wife walking in Unknown Street.  The second was for a bearded man leaning on his stick and seemed like a bigger.
This phenomenon of seeing pictures just before going to sleep happened many times after my transformation. It appeared as if there was a camera moving freely to show me pictures from the world just before going in deep sleeping.  In the morning my cousin awoke me and told me that he was unable to go out of his unit before noon and I could get on a car going out. Soon I put on my clothes and said good bye. He promised to visit me in the hospital and I thanked him left.
While being in the car I saw the tops of the Pyramids of Giza. I asked the driver to let me get off at the nearest point of the Pyramids. When I got off and walked a little I saw the same picture I had seen at night. There were two old foreign persons with hats on their heads walking ahead of me. When I was at the statue of the Sphinx an old man leaning on his stick approached me, "I am living at the near tombs. My name is Mohammed the Poet. When you need me come to the tombs and ask any one there about me and they will lead you to my place."  I thanked him and left wondering why he told that to me.  Why should I need a man living at the tombs? After making a tour around the area I left for the hospital.

Later on, I thought of the meaning of those pictures. In the next weekend I traveled to my home in Alexandria and knew that my wife had met my mother and sister at the market; and she told them about going to the hospital in Cairo. They felt worried and I received their worries as golden pictures. It seemed that their emotion of worries was kept in another dimension waiting for me to receive them. The other two pictures proved to me that my walk to any place was predestined by a Higher Authority. So my walking in the desert as a dangerous place was predestined and I was guarded by the power of God.