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Sunday, December 28, 2014

61- Son of God

I was still in the period of searching the details of my new experience and I was filled with the hope to be equipped with the power of Jesus as known before. I thought of the meaning of those pictures. In the next weekend I traveled to my home in Alexandria and knew that my wife had met my mother and sister at the market; and she told them about going to the hospital in Cairo. They felt worried and I received their worries as golden pictures. It seemed that their emotion of worries was kept in another dimension waiting for me to receive them. The other two pictures proved to me that my walk to any place was predestined by a Higher Authority. So my walking in the desert as a dangerous place was predestined either I saw the path or not.  

I took the Bible with me to go and sit in the garden. I passed by a man sitting on a rocky chair and greeted him, Peace! He didn't reply and I excused him because I had known that he was a patient of depression. He never spoke to anyone in the group and always kept alone. I moved on and chose a secular place to sit and read. After a while a patient came running toward me from afar, from the direction of the department of dangerous patients. I felt tensed knowing that he was coming to me but I didn't know his intention. I kept calm and soon he reached at my place and sat down on the ground before me without a word. He kept silent for a while and I did the same. I put my hand on my hair and he imitated me by doing the same. I caught my nose and he caught his nose. I shook my leg and he shook his leg. I wondered of that case which I had never seen before.  I managed to keep sitting without motion and he did the same. The weird silence became the master of the situation.  The minutes passed very heavy. Then suddenly he said,
"You are God, isn't it?"
"Yes," I answered believing that I should not object him to keep him calm. One doesn't know the reaction of the dangerous patients.
"You are God and you are sitting on the throne, isn't it so?" he asked.
"Yes," I answered.
"And we are now in the paradise and these are the trees of the paradise," he said.
"Yes it is," I said.
"You can say be and it be?" he asked.
"Yes," I answered and listened carefully to his complaint and I could hardly understand that he loved his cousin girl but her family refused this marriage and now he wanted me as God to do his wish. I comforted him and promised him to fulfill his wish. Soon he returned to his silence.
I stretched my arm to make my hand become very near to his body. Soon I felt that there was a current of tinny particles moving inside my arm through my hand to him. I wondered of that and hoped for him to be healed. After a while a nurse from his department appeared from afar and shouted for him to go to her. He stood up and went running to her. I didn't know if he was healed or not. But I was happy that it passed peacefully.
This experience was stored in my mind and appeared later when I read a book for a Christian who wrote: If Jesus was not God he would be the greatest liar in the world. His expression was very sharp and I was to solve the puzzle. As I knew Islam the solution seemed difficult because Muslims couldn't accept God in the human shape. The history brought to us the story of the Sufi Al Halaj who was crucified because he said: There is nothing inside my body except God.