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Monday, January 5, 2015


One day afternoon the nurse came to me,
"The General wants to see you."
"Where?" I asked.
"At his office," she answered and left. I left my bed and looked at my partner,
"Why does the general want to see me?
"Don't worry," he answered. "He usually summons the patients to speak with them to watch their progress under therapy."                                                                                                                      
Going out of my room I saw the General sitting on a chair in front of his office and my doctor, who had received me when I entered the hospital, was standing beside him. I noticed that there was an empty chair before them. I saluted the General and he raised his hand partially to reply the salutation and asked me to sit down. I sat down before him. My doctor bent down to reach the ear of the General to whisper something to him. I heard clearly what he said. "They brought him accompanied with a soldier." The matter appeared to me as if I was fallen in a plot when they made me be delivered to the hospital by a soldier, that the officer should be accompanied by an officer not a soldier.
The General asked me about my name and unit, and then he said,
"Tell me about yourself."
"Sir, I spent long time in searching for the truth of our existence," I said. "Sure I am not ill. I put my entire mind in the book I had delivered to you the other week." When I saw the General not looking at me as if not paying attention to my sayings I stopped. He looked at me.
"Why did you stop?
"Sir, you are not with me," I answered.
"Continue! Don't give care to where I look," he said. "I hear you. Continue." 
"I read in all fields of life. I even read Psychology and Physiology. I came to the conclusion that the human takes his morals from his environment and his behavior comes from the chemicals of his body which he inherits from his ancestors. So I concluded that there is no afterlife or end judgment. A fair God can not punish a man for something he has no choice in it.  My book, which I named by Survival Call, contains a lot of details to prove that point scientifically. This age is the age of science and people should concentrate on science discoveries and live with the truth. They should not waste their time in thinking of something untrue. "
The General said, "Okay! You can go." And I stopped speaking. I stood up and saluted him and walked a few steps, and then I returned. He looked at me. I said,
"Sir, Can I restore my book?"

"Okay, go inside and take it from my office," he answered. I went inside and took the book. I thanked God that the General didn't keep me long. If he let me continue I would come to the point of the inspiration I am Christ, which made me correct my belief.