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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

63- Burning Book of Troubles

I thought that I could convince the General that I was not ill, in the interview. But he might think that I was an atheist like many cultured people in the society. I felt also that he was a noble respected man. They told me his weird name which can be translated to the Sudan President. And my mind recalled the visit of the President of Sudan Nomeery to my College when I was in the fourth year.
Next day while I was sitting with others in the garden the soldier sitting with us said,
"Your book is the reason of all your troubles."
"I belief you are right," I said.
"Why don't you burn it right now," the soldier said.
"Good idea," I said. "I will bring it from my room."
I hurried to my room and carried the book and returned to the group. I then shouted for the others walking near us to come. When they crowded around me I said,
"Stand in a circle around this hole in the ground; we are going to burn this book."
I handled the book to the soldier who put it in the little hole and ignited it. We kept watching the fire for a while shouting, God is Bigger, God is Bigger. At once an idea came to my mind to use the method of Jesus when he went every where in Israel saying, "Repent for the kingdom of God is about to come." I borrowed the same method and said to the group, "Shake my hand and say to me, 'Congratulation they will release you soon.' "
More than ten did so with broad smile and I was very happy. Paying the burnt book a last look I asked them to excuse me to go to the General. I knocked the door of his office and I entered. He raised his head,
"What do you want?"
"Sir, if it is necessary for me to say I am ill I will do it," I said.
"Are you going to take us on the level of our minds?" he asked.
"Sorry sir, I don't mean that. But I want to leave the hospital and return to my family. I feel I am going to be crazy. I have burnt the book the reason of all my troubles."
"Okay!" he said. "On Thursday after tomorrow go out from the hospital and return to your unit."
"Thank you sir," I said. I saluted him and went out of his office very happy. I hurried to my companions and thanked them. I said,
"Thank you, we have succeeded. The General released me. I will miss you my friends. I will finish here on Thursday."
"Congratulation!" they said. Later I noticed that the word Congratulation in Arabic is the same word Mubarak or Blessed.