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Thursday, March 19, 2015

66-My Angel There

I was anxious to know how to use the phenomenon of Kundalini to get the ultimate spiritual power. I felt it in my body as described in some books of Yoga but I didn't feel the ability to do miracles by it. I bought an English book about yoga hoping to find more details about the Kundalini. Alas I found very little which tells, the kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of Masters and it works by a vision.  
My brother in law was living and married to a lady from USA. I sent them a letter to search for a book containing much detail about the Kundalini. After a few days I received a letter not containing any thing about my request.  It contained their words of sympathy toward my status. They dealt with me as if I was ill and wrote, we pray for you.
One day, I got up from my bed very late. I felt very worried to be punished by the commander of my unit. I put on my uniform quickly and got down of my house to get the civil bus. I reached my unit at eleven O'clock and entered the office of the commander to apologize. I found him busy in looking at papers on his desk. I sat down on a chair at the wall of the room and waited for him to pay attention to me.
When he raised his face I said, sorry that I was late. For my surprise he replied, why do you say so? I was seeing you sitting there an hour ago. I said, thank you sir, and went out knowing that he didn't write me absent.  It was a miracle indeed. It seemed that an angel took my shape and form and replaced me there until I came.
In my visions at home I saw different things. Once I saw my self walking inside a sea of Jelly. Once, I saw myself entering a big hall filled with people sitting around a long table. It was clear to my eyes that they were from the active Muslims who use the white dress.

They were waiting for the coming of an important person and always looked at the door of the hall. I walked among them but they couldn't see me. That event happened just after practicing the exercise of out of the body experience. All I did was that I lied on my bed and moved my attention from the feet to the top of the head through the body several times. Then suddenly I saw myself there. However, I couldn't control the destination of my soul. This spiritual body outside me appeared with a tire more condensed than the rest of the body and it seemed hiding the persons behind it like the normal body. But it could float above heads and move smoothly.