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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

68- Blessed Who Comes

After I retired from the Navy I started to get enough time to find out more about my subject.  Reading was essential and I found out more facts related with me in the holy books and other books as well. And I had enough time to walk in the streets of the city to see the tags of the places. I found out that the term (New Earth) which I met in the Revelation to John exists in the area which lies beside my area addressed by Palestine Street.
It means that the term New Earth was not for destroying the Globe, but for going to another country or area on the Globe. And sure the term (New Heaven) is explained in the same logic, that every country is with different heaven. The long street which starts from the Bridge of Law is addressed by Street of Market. This term is found in the Revelation to John in the Arabic Bible and not in the English Bible. It seems that the translation missed some points.
I paid great attention to the old Egyptian Movies and it seemed to me that the people who made it had studied the Second Advent of Jesus very well and tried to explain its nature dramatically. I remember the film (Ci Omar) which dealt with two persons looking like each other. The major actor is called Nageeb Al Rehany which means born from the wind. It could be an explanation for the miraculous birth of Jesus from a Virgin.
There are two songs for Mohamed Fawzy which appeared as something applied to my subject: Esam will be an officer and he will defend you. Esa is the Arabic name for Jesus and the letter m which appears added to Esa is an old thing used for respect. So it seeded that the song was a prophecy and it came true when I became an officer in the Armed Forces of Egypt starting from 1971.  The second song: Mama will come having toys and things.  This seemed as a prophecy and it came true, that with the coming of Jesus we know that all inventions like airplanes, TVs, trains, cars, weapons, guns and bombs are glories made for Jesus. Every toy has a reference in the holy words.
So I was to pay attention to all artistic works. I thought that those old artists owned the truth until I met a director on a train by chance. I spoke with him about the second advent of Jesus and he was unable to say a word about it. It proved to me that they didn't know the truth but the Holy Spirit inspired them with facts they didn't know their real meaning.
In the year 1981 a friend from the Navy visited me home. He was interested in my thinking and showed his appreciation to it.  His name is Y. W.  He showed great intelligence in following me and I loved him. He seemed like John the Baptist in this new role. He suggested that we should go to an English Institute to refresh our English and to write the work in English. He thought that the American people encourage the new subjects and believe in the free thinking. I found it a good suggestion and we both joined English Institute.
In those days Sadat was killed during the celebration of the memory of the war of October 6, 1973, in which Egypt Army won the victory against Israel.  The name of President Mubarak started to rise and in the successive days I started to hear the shouting of the people, Mubarak... Mubarak.  It brought to my memory the saying of Jesus, "you won't see me unless you say blessed (Mubarak) is that who comes in the name of God." 

Later, I meditated in the gospel of John in the saying of Jesus to Peter, "If I willed to make John stay until I come again what is that to you." And discovered that that saying was a prophecy that came true in making Mubarak a president in the time I knew myself as Jesus new coming. It seemed as if John stayed until I came again.