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Thursday, May 14, 2015

69- The New John

Again I wondered about Mubarak. In the gospel of John I read that John was leaning on the chest of Jesus and he was beloved by him. That reminded me with an event while I was a cadet in The Military Technical College in 1970. We cadets of the section made a journey to the Pyramids and we took photos. We spent happy time there and returned. After days the photos were printed and other cadets who didn't join the journey were astonished to see the photo which showed a friend leaning on my chest.
They were astonished that the photo showed the opposite relation between that friend and me. In fact that friend F. M. was taking the military life with great tension as a corporal cadet.  In the photo, he showed love to me, and that excited them as different from the fact, so that they came to me announcing there comments. It was a funny subject that we laughed at it much. They mocked at that F. W. loved me.
I thought much of that event and after long time I understood that it came in my biography as a prophecy about the new John. He came again as a president leading a destiny far from being a firm friend. He lost the memory of the past life and became looking to me as one of his citizens in his country. The only time when I saw Mubarak from  a near distance was when he and president Sadat came to The Navy College and made a conference with all officers. Later when I sent him letters he couldn't feel the importance of my international task.
I became sure of his new identity more and more after studying the Revelation, that he was the embodiment of many visions in it, as an officer worked in the Air Forces, and he was the leader of the Air Forces in the war of October 6, 1973, when I was a captain in the Navy Forces. In the story of Zo Alkarneen you see two things related to both of us: the Arabic word Hosni which is the second name of Mubarak; and Nakeeb which means Captain as derived from penetration.     
This memory made me bring the photos of that interval. There is a photo of me on a white horse. I saw it in connection with a vision in the Revelation to John, "Then I saw heaven open, and there was a white horse. Its rider is called Faithful and True."   Christians believe that this rider is Jesus. It came true as I was an officer in the Navy Forces which uses the white uniform.
In another journey, with the cadets of my section, to a public garden in Cairo I saw two pointing photos: The first was for our group sitting on the grass like a gang ready to make unknown task. Someone is carrying a rope and another is looking at the sky and I sit showing the absence in deep thinking. It reminds us clearly with the role of Jesus and his disciples.
The second picture is for the same group sitting around the food; a fellow is going to put a piece of bread in his mouth while I am catching his hand as if to prevent him from eating it. It reminds with the Last Supper and the saying of Jesus about the traitor and the piece of bread which he dips it in the same dish with Jesus.    
It means that there was unseen power watching over us and guided the events during the journey long before my spiritual transformation. God worked as a Director from behind the veil. I was seeking God although He was watching over me since I was born. Here I understood why a Sufi said, "When you seek God you already found Him." Later on, it made me understand the true explanation of the expression in Genesis: God created Adam in his image. Also in the gospel: Jesus was the second Adam. To be created in the image of God means to be created and put under the guidance and care of God for the preparation to a holy task necessary for mankind.