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Friday, September 18, 2015

81- More From Babaji

Do you remember the events which I narrated about being in The Fig Hospital? I met one of my previous cadets called Ahmed from the Navy College and told me he came to the hospital for having disorder in the membrane of his ear after working on a canon. Later I found out that the incident was to remind me with something Babaji said to Lahiri, "The cries of many bewildered worldly men and women have not fallen unheard on the ears of the Great Ones. You have been chosen to bring spiritual solace through Kriya Yoga to numerous earnest seekers…"  Here the words of Babaji converted to an event with his reincarnation.
The name Kriya sounds like cry that appeared in my incidents in the very beginning of my experience. The brother of Ahmed who hurled himself from the fourth floor on a call from people flying on air appeared as a reaction to the following incident in the story of Babaji. 
While Babaji was sitting with his band in the Himalaya a youth climbed the mountain and asked him to join the band and said, "I will hurl myself from above if you don't accept me." Babaji said, "I can't accept you in your spiritual state." Immediately the youth hurled himself from the mountain. Babaji looked at his band and said, "Bring him to me!" Soon they brought him the dismantled body. Babaji touched him; at once the youth got up free from death and from his wounds and kneeled before him. Babaji said, "You passed the test and I accept you in our band."
Ahmed's brother narrated his incident which seemed comparable of the above story.   He kept for three days see people flying in air at the balcony of fourth floor, calling him to join their band. On the third day he climbed the wall of the balcony to join them and fell to the ground. In the hospital doctors could cure him. He said, "I saw the doctors while gathering around my body and getting something black out of it."   Knowing the astral projection I said, "You saw them by your spirit."
In the first meeting between Babaji and Lahiri, Babaji said to him, "Where ever you are, whenever you call me, I shall be with you instantly."  When Lahiri was with his friends and called for Babaji to appear in the closed room, Babaji came from the air and said the following blaming words, "Lahiri do you call me for a trifle?"
In this age I passed with an incident that can be comparable with it. When I was an officer in a Navy School I was responsible for the sports of the soldiers. One day I was to gather the team to join the competition of sailing among all schools. The soldiers of the team told me that they had orders from the chief of management for another work. I said, "Did you told him you are in the team of competition?" They replied, "He didn't listen."
Immediately I entered the office of the manager and said, "I should have the soldiers to join the competition." He said, "No. I want them." I said, "We have to join the competition which we kept preparing for it several months." He insisted on refusing my request.
I got up stairs to complain to the commander of the school. I entered his office and saluted him. He asked, "What?" I said, "Major W. L. doesn't let me to get the soldiers of the team of the competition of sailing which is to be held today in an hour." Immediately the commander pressed the button of the Dictaphone and said, "W.L."  A call came from the other side, "Yes sir!" The commander said, "Why don't you give the soldiers of the team of sailing to Abdelwahab?"  He replied, "He didn't come to me sir."
The commander left the Dictaphone and with stern look said, "Do you come to me for a trifle? Dismiss Mr. Officer!" I wanted to explain how the chief of management lied but he refused to listen and interrupted by "Dismiss Mr. Officer!" I saluted him and went out of his office feeling bitterness. I got the soldiers and went to the competition at the sea and it passed peacefully.
When I was still living with my parents I had a black cat called Charlie. This cat was for my American sister of law; she gave her the name Charlie and kept her in good situation until she left for USA with my brother in law, her husband. My mother in law complained that cat to me and wanted to throw her away. I told her we have wide place on the roof of my house and I took her. She proved her cleverness in hunting the mice and my family were glad with her so that they took care of her children.
The cat Charlie during living with us in our flat used to go to a rear window and sit on it and after a while she came with a mouse and stood at the door waiting for one of the family to open it for her to throw the mice away. I wondered that she never failed to bring a mouse from the window. Whenever she went to the window she came with a mouse. One day I said, "This is the work of Faith."
After my marriage I left the place to another. While I was in a visit to my parents they told me a strange story about Charlie.  The wife of my uncle took Charlie and threw her away at the bank of a far canal. The people warned her of the dangerous which might happen to her family because of hurting the cat. She felt afraid and next day she returned to the place where she left the cat and found it still there. She caught it and returned her back.
I wondered why the cat didn't move to other places. Later, I read in the book of Yogananda this: Saint Trailanga said, Lahiri is like a divine kitten, remaining wherever the cosmic mother has placed him. I recall now that I read the name Charlie the Black in a book about spirits and the mediums. Later I deduced that Jesus was behind the appearance of that stage in the human history to make balance with the spread of materialism.