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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

83- Colonel Electrified

Swami Sri Yukteswar said,
"Babaji addressed me by my child although I was double his age."
The memory of that saying came to me while I was a teacher in the Navy College. Once, after getting out of the bus inside the college, I saw my fellow officers gathering near my department, not very far from me. I raised my hand waving for them, "Hello boys!" Then I walked to join them in the department. One of the old fellows met me with angry look and said, "If I married early I would beget a youth in your age. How you called us boys."
"Sorry!" I said. "Accept my apology. It came out of my mouth unconsciously." 
Later I thought of it, and knew that Babaji (Jesus), who lived about 2000 years  knowing that all humankind are his descendants has the right to call anyone, old or young, by child or boy.

Once, two disciples of Lahiri, a man and his wife, were going to visit their master and reached the train station when the train was about to move. They prayed God to catch the train. A miracle happened; the wheels of the train were rotating and it didn't advance forward. All people on the station were amazed and just after they got on the train it moved. When Lahiri received them he commented knowing what happened by the power of seeing behind the veil, "You could wait for the next train."
The memory of that event came as follows. I was with a friend from my area and we went to get on the tram. When we reached the path of the tram we saw on the far the tram at its station. My friend said, "We won't reach it before it moves." I said, "Concentrate with your will with me it won't move until we get on it." He laughed and the tram moved a little then it stopped because the upper link connecting with the electric wire separated. The driver got down and returned the link to its connection; at the moment we were in the tram. My friend was astonished.
When I was a cadet in the M.T. College the teacher showed us an amazing experience with the moving motor.  He generated light from certain apparatus and threw it on the moving motor. At once the motor seemed not rotating; when he stopped throwing that light on the motor we saw it rotating. That show amazed me.
The Indian policemen were running after a thief in all directions. One of the officers saw a man and called him to stop. The man didn't stop and the officer took off his sword and hit the arm of the man. The man looked at the officer, "I am not whom you look for.", and took his arm from the ground and put it in its place in his shoulder. The officer showed sorrow and the accident were published by the newspaper.
The memory of that event came to me as follows. I bought four new shirts with different colors. I wore three of them along three weeks and they were all right. Fourth week, I put on the fourth shirt; the right sleeve separated totally from the place of the shoulder. I wondered.  Later I knew that Babaji planned that event to attract the attention of the people for his task.
Babaji in a meeting with Sri Yukteswar told him to inform his master Lahiri that his days on earth were about to finish. When Lahiri heard it he was shocked and kept silent among his disciples for three hours.
The memory of that event happened when I was on a visit to an old friend and teacher. I entered his room smiling, "You still living?" He looked at me with stern eyes, "Do you want me to die?" I felt shy and said, "I swear I don't mean it. Sorry Sir! Long live sir. Please forgive me! It came out from my mouth unconsciously. Sorry!" He said, "Okay! Come and sit down!" It was a cruel lesson to me that I couldn't forget.
Babaji requested from Sri Yukteswar to authorize a book about the similarity of the teaching of the Christianity and Hinduism and promised to meet him after finishing it. Similar to that I was asked to authorize a book about the measuring instruments and I did it and the other teachers used it. In another place I was asked to make another book but troubles prevented me from doing it.
Yogananda met Babaji while he was in USA. When Babaji was going to leave Yogananda asked to accompany him but Babaji said, "Not now!" Yogananda said, "I felt I was electrified and couldn't move."

The memory of that event came to me when I was in Cairo to attend a conference in teaching made by the army. While awaiting the coming of the Lecturer I was standing with others of different ranks at the door of the section; all of a sudden a colonel cried and caught his hand then said to me, "Are you standing on electrified wire?" He and all the attendants looked down to search for the source of electricity. The colonel said, "As soon as I touched your arm to make you pay attention to what I would say to you it seemed as if I touched a bare wire of electricity." It was impossible to think that the colonel was joking because he was the chief of teachers.