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Sunday, October 11, 2015

84- Revelation By Babaji

        Ram Gopal (Sleepless saint) was instructed by his master Lahiri to go to a certain spot near the River Ganges at night. He went there and sat down in patience; after a while he saw a huge stone slab rising up revealing an underground cave and a lovely woman was levitated into the air. Then she slowly descended in front of him and stood motionless and said,
         "I am Mataji, the sister of Babaji. I have asked him and Lahiri Mahasaya to come to my cave tonight to discuss a matter of great importance."  Then he saw bright light floating on the river and approaching until it stopped beside Mataji and condensed itself into the human form of Lahiri Mahasaya and bowed humbly at the feet of Mataji.
Then another mystical light appeared in the sky and descended and materialized itself near the group, into the body of the smart youth Babaji. The group bowed at his feet. Babaji said,
"Blessed sister, I am intending to shed my form and plunge into the Infinite Current."
"I have already glimpsed your plan, beloved master," Mataji said. "I wanted to discuss it with you tonight. Why should you leave your body?"
"What is the difference if I wear a visible or invisible wave on the ocean of my Spirit?" Babaji said.
"Deathless guru," Mataji said. "If it makes no difference, then please do not ever relinquish your form."
"Be it so," Babaji said. "I will never leave my physical body. It will always remain visible to at least a small number of people on this earth. The Lord has spoken His own wish through your lips."
Then Babaji turned to Ram Gopal and said, "You are blessed to be a witness at the scene of this immortal promise."
When Ram Gopal returned, his master said, "I am happy for you, the desire of meeting Babaji and Mataji has found at last a sacred fulfillment." The disciples told him that the master had never left his seat with them.

In searching for reactions to connect me with the above actions my mind wandered in the following events: In the Preparatory School we were to study the story of Queen Cleopatra for learning English Language. In that story there were two important persons, Harmachis and Antonio. Harmachis was a high qualified and cultured Egyptian master. He enabled Cleopatra to see the thought of her mind on the wall of her palace.
In my young age I admired Harmachis for his cleverness and I was proud of him as an Egyptian citizen. I wondered that Cleopatra loved Antonio and preferred him to Harmachis, although he was not Egyptian and not clever in the occult knowledge. He was just a warrior and leader of foreign Army. It was a puzzle for me. Later when I became an officer I noticed that the military uniform was attracting to women.
Later after my transformation and after doing hard effort in trying to publish "I am Christ" and I could not, I translated two spiritual books and succeeded to publish them. I thought that it might be a step in the way of succeeding in publishing my own book. After years a friend working in the TV station of Alexandria came to me and invited me to attend a program in relation with the subject of the books I had translated. As I loved to appear in the TV I accepted the invitation. In the appointed date I went to the TV station. There I wondered to see that the studio was like a cave under the ground.  A very beautiful young woman conversed with me before the screen for a few minutes and the scene was recorded.
Later on, the program was propagated publicly and I saw myself on the TV in the show. A few people of my relatives, neighbors and friends saw the show and praised it to me. Something inside made me not to try to repeat the appearance in another show. I believed that all efforts in another direction rather than announcing the return of Jesus were not necessary. I might be wrong but that was the case on those days.
 It seemed that Ram Gopal had seen a revelation made by Babaji who tried to express the nature of his future events in his speech with Mataji. "What is the difference if I wear a visible or invisible wave on the ocean of my spirit?"  The matter seemed in the revelation as if there were no difference between the picture on the screen of the TV, which was carried on an infinite wave, and the real figure. This idea helped in understanding the immortality promised to the faithful people. You see on the TV the famous people who had died still living as if they didn't die and they will never die. They also can appear in different places as if they have several bodies, that which interpret why Ram Gopal wondered to know that his master Lahiri didn't leave his place.
It assured me that Jesus played the role of Gabriel to Muhammad. He appeared to him as a man and his disciples saw him while he discussed Islam with him. When the man left, the disciples asked, who the man was. Muhammad replied he was Gabriel. The question is: why did Jesus use different names in connecting with people after rising to heaven?

It wasn't a new method in the holy history. Yahweh in his sayings to Moses told him he would send an angel instead of him to guide him and his people and described that angel by decisive and wouldn't forgive disobedience. So it was clear that the one living in heaven used to use different names and shapes in accordance with the required task. Later we will see more of that theme made by Jesus after ascending to heaven alive.