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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

86- A Night Inside The Pyramid

In the beginning of my experience, nearly three months, I thought I would fly in the sky, according to the holy promise by the power of the word of God written in the bible. I didn't known yet that God had enabled people to create the airplane for it. In those days my mind was busy by the idea of flying and how I would fly to appear to all people. One day, while I was sitting in the living room I thought,
"An ethereal fan will be put above my head and I will be able to jump from my balcony in the fourth floor, and fly. By this only I can convince all peoples I am the promised Jesus Christ. "
After the passing of about twenty years, I obtained a book from the old market for Paul Brunton, A Search in Secret Egypt; published in 1935. I read in it the following:
"I saw a radiant spooked wheel of light revolve before me and slightly above my head, at high speed. With its working there was a receding of my physical moorings, an entry into some super-normal and ethereal state of consciousness."
I wondered that my thought about the ethereal fan was very like to what was written in a book not known as holy. Brunton wrote in detail how he got that event in Egypt. We know that while Brunton was on a high mountain in Luxor he approached an ordinary man there and passed by a super normal state and saw the ethereal fan and felt the super greatness of the man.  That phenomenon was the opening of a dialogue between them, from which we know that the man was an adept or fakir and the miracle was made by his power to attract his attention.
The possibility that the adept was Jesus disguised in an Egyptian fakir of 40 years rose in my thought. I thought, was it a role similar to the role of Babaji in India? By continue reading I found out more considerable reactions in my events to the actions written in the book.
One day, while I was at home with my children, I received a phone from my mother in the evening,
"The man who met you, in the other day, and wanted to rent the ground flat, came to me and implored me to let him sleep in the flat one night. I refused and told him that the flat is without furniture, but he insisted much with humility and I agreed on condition that I will lock it on him and he agreed and showed grateful for it. My son I phoned you in its time but your wife told me you were outside. But I am afraid if it was wrong from me to let the youth stay in the flat." She said.
"Mother, don't worry," I said. "He won't run away with flat. Don't worry; I will come in the morning to see about that. Did you give him a blanket?"
"He said he didn't want any thing except to keep indoors," she said.

The youth mentioned in the dialogue with my mother was called A.D.; not from Alexandria; he was working as an agent of sales. In the morning I knocked the door and after I heard a reply from inside I unlocked it. I saw he slept on the ground on newspapers from Alahram (Pyramids).
In chapter 4 of Brunton book, A SEARCH IN SECRET EGYPT, I read how Brunton suffered to get a permission to spend a night in the great Pyramid. It was a strange request never asked before and the officials dismissed him to others until he reached to the chief of police of Cairo, Russell Pasha who gave him the required permission. The Local official welcomed Brunton,
"We are taking a risk in leaving you alone inside all night. You won't blow up the Pyramid, will you?" said Major Mackersey.
"I promise you not only that, but I shall not even run away with it!" Brunton said.
"I am afraid we shall have to lock you in," the major added. "We always shut the entrance to the Pyramid at dusk with a locked iron grille. So you will be a prisoner for twelve hours."
"Excellent! Today, no residence could be more desirable to me than such a prison."
The relation between the two events is clear. It is clear that it is the same relation between the actions of past and reactions in present. In the past the events were related to the Pyramid and now they are related to my inherited house. You notice also that his sleeping on the newspapers, The Pyramids, reminds with the action related to the Pyramid in which he slept.
In about three months, A.D. lived in the flat; then I had to let him take the upper flat in the fourth floor, to enable a family to rent the ground flat. After a while A.D. made fool things and the inhabitants complained him to me. So, I decided to let him leave the house. I ascended to him with a friend to convince him to leave. My friend and I were wearing white gowns. When he opened he saw two in white gowns. We argued a little then he agreed to leave peacefully.
That incident had a similar in his narrative. While Brunton was in the Pyramid at night he passed by awful dreams, then peace and calm came to him with the appearance of two men in white gowns. They approached him and conversed with him about his object and many other things. When the morning came he left the pyramid deciding not to try that experience gain.

Several things more seemed connected with me and proved to me that I was guiding Brunton to succeed in authorizing books, while I was behind the veil. It proves that the holy word or the word of power always comes by the interference of Jesus. He says or makes the things and the effect comes to him in his new birth to remind him with his past deeds and the persons whom he dealt with.