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Monday, December 19, 2011

24-More Reactions from the Period of Jesus

Son of God:
Mat.8:28,"Two men with demons were so fierce that no one dared travel on that road. At seeing Jesus they screamed,' What do you want with us, you Son of God? Have you come to punish us before the right time?'
   *The reaction parallel to this happened when I was in the Navy College 1980. After they knew that I claimed to be Christ they took much arrangements that ended by leading me to the hospital of psychic diseases in Cairo. I was put with others in the division of the non dangerous patients. One day while sitting in the garden on a stony chair a strange guy came toward my place running and jumping in a strange manner. It seemed that he came from the far division of the dangerous patients. I felt some tension and became warned. Soon he came to me and without a word he sat down on the ground before me. 
   I started to investigate him by my eyes and I noticed that he imitated every movement I did. If I touched my nose he touched his nose; if I touched my ear he touched his ear; if I changed putting leg over leg he stood a little to change the position of his legs. I kept silent waiting for an end. At last he spoke,"You are God;Yes?" As I was in the beginning of my search not knowing much I was surprised by his saying and in the same time I took care not to excite him. So I had to say,"Yes"  He pointed with tension to my rocky chair and said,"This is the throne of God; Yes?" "Yes"  Then he looked at the trees and around us pointing with his two arms,"And this is heaven and the angels;Yes?" "Yes" I wished I could object. He said," You can say to the thing be and it will be, Yes?" "Yes" He said," I want to marry my cousin and they prevent me. Can you order them to let me marry her?" " Yes I can; when you get out of here they will accept you."  He took the answer and returned to his silence. The moments went on very heavy. I stretched my hand to near his shoulder wishing I could heal him. I noticed that tiny particles were moving inside my arm to go outside my hand. After a while a nurse in the far side called for him and he stood up and went to her running and jumping. Later I knew that this was to remind me with the past power.
Fierce Storm
Mat.8:23 Jesus got into a boat with his disciples. Suddenly a fierce storm hit the lake and the boat was in danger of sinking......He got up and ordered the winds and the waves to stop and there was a great calm."
   *While I was in the Navy College I knew that they put my name among the officers who would join the annual sea journey and I was pleased. But later I knew that another officer replaced me. This annoyed me and I went to the general. He promised to enable me join the journey next year. When I went to my office my fellow A.K asked me about the result at the general. I said," You will go without me. I am afraid for the ship in this journey to sink because it won't take me." " May God let it pass safe!" " I hope so!"
   When my fellow officer A.K. returned from the journey he said," I remembered you when the ship faced great trouble at the lake of Rasheed. It was faced by a fierce storm and the pilot hardly managed it. I said," Congratulations my friend for coming save!"
Mat.15:26 Jesus answered,"It isn't right to take children's food and throw it to the dogs." "That's true, sir"she answered;"but even the dogs eat the leftovers that fall from their masters'table."  So Jesus answered her,"You are a woman of great faith! What you want will be done for you." And at that very moment her daughter was healed.
   * The reactions to this event appeared many times in my life. 1- When I was of four years of age I went upstairs to the flat of my relatives. They were eating on the ground delicious food and they were a crowd around the food, say seven or eight. I stood looking at the food not knowing what to do. A woman in decisive voice said,"Either you sit to eat or you go away!"  The word "go away" in Arabic is the same word you use to dismiss a dog. So I felt that she wanted me to go away and I left. 2- When I was about ten years we got the new house. I saw a nice dog there belonged to the facing house. I put my hand on his neck and immediately she got angry and wanted to bite my hand. But I could escape her mouth and it passed.3- When I was in the vacation of the secondary school I worked at the beach to clean it from the sea weeds. One day I and my fellows felt very hungry. We saw a soldier on the pavement and we asked him for a piece of bread. The soldier looked around,"There is one old bread"  "Okay"  He throw it to us as you threw bread to a dog. We take it and divided it among us. 4-My little child got serious illness and was kept in the hospital of the Armed Forces. They wanted to dismiss him before complete recover. I wrote a long page to beg them until he can walk by himself. I was afraid lest they don't accept my request. But at last they accepted and I took him after he could walk without help.