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Friday, December 23, 2011

25-Reaction From The Period of Adam

This is the most mysterious part in the reactions. It should interpret the Genesis.
Although the villagers don't care to get photos I found out a photo of me with my parents in the Public Garden when I was less than two years old.  In this photo you see my father in the uniform of a policeman standing at the right; the brother of my mother is standing at the left wearing the cloth of a villager; my mother is standing in the middle carrying me on her arm. The name of my uncle was my same name but the people of the village didn't know that name until he died. This garden is of three divisions, one for trees, one fore the Zoo, and one for flowers. In all my childhood my soul was hanged to it and I visited it with fellow boys every feast.
b-Land of the Garden
When I was about five years my family rented a room in an area called the land of the garden. It was the same area in which the public garden exists. The fence of that garden was very near to our house so that you can walk to it in three minutes. Later my family left that place and rented two rooms in another area near to the land of the garden. When I reached six years old I was to join the school of the garden. One morning my grandmother took me to join the school in the first day. As she saw a crowd before the door of the school she handled me to a man standing at the window. The man took me and led me to the lines. After a while we students recited the song in praise of Egypt. 
   In that school the teacher appointed me the Alfa whenever he left the classroom. Most boys there were less alert than me. So I told my father they should put me in the third year not the first year. He told me he would go to the headmaster and as him to transfer me. One morning I was summoned to the room of the headmaster. There I saw my father in his police uniform with the headmaster who on seeing me at the door said," Come here; your father says you are better than a student in the third year; I will test you with a student from the third year; are you sure?" " Yes"  He ordered for a blackboard and said," Bring me a good student from the third year."
   After the student came he made us to stand with chock at the right and left of the blackboard and said,"I will give you a Math problem in the long dividing, I will see." He dictated the numbers and ordered us to solve it. I found it easy and we both finished it, but I finished it more quicker than my fellow. The headmaster said,"Good, go to your classrooms"  I thought he would accept my transfer. At home my father told me that the headmaster convinced him to let me grow with others normally for to grow on strong basis. When I became in the fourth year I was to leave that school to another one near to my new house.
   I told you before about the bridge of the law in the new area. Near the bridge my cousin built a little factory for making the inner cloths. I visited him there several times. His name carries the name of the snake by modulating one letter.
    The matter appeared as if we are before a disk which needs fragmentation that the memory of the spirit didn't orientate the content in one place.   
                                                   To be Continued.