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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

26-Reactions from From The Period of David

   I demanded to browse all my present reactions to all known actions in the bible to answer the very important question: where did I went after my resurrection to heaven. I was very anxious to know this in detail. I asked had I went to another planet in the space. I recalled that I had read a story by the name the kingdom of Darkness. In it I read about a man that had life in two worlds, one on earth and the other in another planet. So I  thought of it to see if it happened with me. I reached the answer later. Now let's see the reactions to the period of David and Saul.
    There is a wonder here. My parents moved to live in different houses in Alexandria and they were seven. Among them three with a name pointing to Jerusalem. When I was less than two yeas old we lived in the house of Abu Solomon (i.e David). There I heard that Solomon was bad that he used to go on the roof and whistle to the girls at the other buildings. Later after many years I heard that Solomon became a chief in a big company.
   When I was about eight years we lived in the house of David in a place called Almansheiht Algdedaht. It was organized as several parallel streets. Many times the fight with stones rose up between the boys of our street and the boys of other streets. I took part in those fights and I noticed that the stones directed at me came slowly and I could avoid them. But most stones I threw could touch the bodies of the opposing boys. And always the fight finished by the interfere of a man from the area.
   When I was in the new house in Palestine Street I got more reactions. There was no name in Islam as Saul. But it was brought in my life as follows: The cousin of my father lived with his wife many years unable to get a child alive. People advised him to name the next child by a low name, as Sack Cloth which in Arabic is (Saul). When he did so he got a son and the child lived and could come in my reactions. 
   One day when I was about 16 years old Abu (Father) Saul was in a visit to us. He entered a hard discussion with my father and they spoke with loud voice in blaming. Suddenly Abu Saul fell down fainted on the ground. My father said the case returned to him and he inserted a cloth in his mouth by force. And he caught his hands fixing him and instructed my mother to fix his legs. So he was trembling and was like a piece of wood. After minutes he recovered and came to his senses. And it passed.
     In another visit he brought his son Saul with him and asked me to teach him. I agreed and he was to come to me daily on the roof of our house. At that time I was in the secondary school. Later I was graduated as an officer and I was the first in the street to be an officer. By the pass of the years Saul also became an officer and the people said," Even Saul has become an officer too.!"  
    One day I returned from my M.T. College to spend the week end with my parents. And they told me that Abu Saul was killed. He was guarding a safe and the thieves attacked him. I felt sorry for him.
    After being with a job in Alexandria I stayed with my parents. One day I heard the noise of a fight in the street and I looked from the balcony. There was a crowd of people around Saul and another grown youth. I got down to separate between them. But the youth directed dangerous insult to the religion of the mother of Saul. I couldn't control my self and hit him on his mouth," Shut up!"  The youth bent down and kept there for a while then ran a way to the far end of Rafah Street and continued his bad words. The people gathered and brought us together to reconcile among us.  When I told them what he said they came against him and ordered him to apologize to me. 
    One day I was in conflict with my wife. My voice was loud and the neighbor with his wife came to calm us. The man said, this is normal. I rebuked him. His motive was good but I was out of control. Later when I came to my mind and met the man I said, " In anger sometimes I become ( Geliate ) which means wrong attitude. Later I knew that the Spirit recalled the past name of this man in that way and he was the one who had played the role of Goliath.