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Monday, January 9, 2012

27-Reactions From The Period of Noah

The events from this part are little. Read the story of Noah in the Bible to understand the reactions here. When I was a boy of about 10 years old my father bought a little house in an area full of fields. These fields got the water from a stream that was connected to a wide canal by a gate. The land was agricultural land that when it rained it became muddy. But there was little canals to take the water of the rain away. 
   One day the main stream flooded with water in away that it made the water spread in our street and the adjacent streets. The water was too much to be helped by the canal of rain. So it was a hard time for the people of the area to walk easily in the street. They hit palm by palm blaming the workers whose job was to watch the gate of the stream. Next day the earth could absorb the water and the people felt released.
   One day when I was about 11 years old I went with the boys of the area to the near field of Palm trees. We got stones and throw the dates to get some of it. The very old man, the owner of the field suddenly appeared and ran to catch the boys. All ran away to escape. But the old man ran after them a long distance and stopped to rest. The boys also stopped looking at him. The old man didn't stop directing bad words toward them. And in anger he took off his garment. As he was without inner cloth all the boys laughed. I didn't laugh at that view and said to them the man became crazy, let us go to our houses from the other opening of our street and we ran away leaving him saying the bad words constantly. The wonder which I noticed later was that the wife of that man was known among boys by the name Askria which is pronounced in English as drunk.But in Arabic it is for  soldier or policeman.
   Our Street was just behind the long factory of potter and bricks. It was with a very high tower to exit the thick smoke in space. When I was young I remarked that there was a little rod of iron at the top of that tower. I asked my fellows about its benefit but they didn't know. Later, when I joined the high school and took an idea about electricity I knew that that rod was made as a protection from the striking with lightning.